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Thanks for the year end well wishes, Billy. As for your recent good fortune, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, so enjoy it.


HAPPY 2007 Billy, Billy's sweetheart and all the beautiful writers here! May this year be the year of the Rom Com!

Love and Happiness!


Happy New Year Billy, all the best, and I wont mention JA to your better.....err other half, no worries there....just between us dudes :)

chesher cat

A book deal and a sweetheart?

How will you ever tap into your angst again?

E.C. Henry

Thanks for sharing your joy and good fortune with the rest of us. You put sunshine in my cloudy days.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Beth Ciotta

Happy New Year to you and your sweetheart, Billy. Wishing you both joy and inspiration!

Annie Dennison

May it be a Happy New Year filled with creativity and love!


A few years ago I was unceremoniously fired from a pretty steady gig right before the new year. As I erased each and every engagement out of my datebook (no PalmPilot for me; I'm a Week-At-A-Glance-and-pencil girl), I noticed that instead of being freaked out, I was excited by the possibilities those white blank pages had to offer. Since then, thankfully, the pages of my life have literally and figuratively filled up nicely.
I'm truly happy for all your good fortune; may the proverbial other shoe NEVER drop. Happy New Year, my friend.


Ah, Darlin' Billy, you are the rain that washes my blues away. Please find time for your weblog amidst your joy and success. Maybe you should get up an hour even earlier, three days a week, and blog for an hour, hell or high water, even if "blogging" simply consists of staring at a blank screen for 55 minutes of it.


Thank you, Melanie & all best...

Same to you, DebbieB...

Cheers, Dave -- and thanks, we'll keep it between us...

Chesher: Believe me, it's a worrisome notion (tho a great problem to have)...

Thanks, EC -- Your 2007 will be brighter, I'm sure...

Same to you, Beth!

Annie: What you said!

Happy New Year, Binnie!...

MaryAn: Maybe if I can learn how to blog in my sleep... HAPPY NEW YEAR MARYAN!!!

Ruth Yunker

Happy Happy New year to you too, Billy.


Happy to be the medium between you and the universe. It inspired me and I thought I'd pass it along to a worthy scribe.

Happy New Year to us all :-)


A belated happy new year, Billy, to you and your sweet-heart. Have very much enjoyed reading your blog, and look forward to lots more good stuff. All the very best for 2007

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