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No idea what language "es gibt sein" is supposed to be, but all three are German words, and their combination makes no sense whatsoever in any version of the language that I am aware of. But don't mind me, I'm having a grumpy day.

Ann Wesley Hardin

Well, we ALL have cruel thoughts. Supposedly one of the things that makes us a higher animal is that we're not ruled by them. Another thing is that we all, on some level, know these thoughts and feelings dwell in others but we trust them to take the higher road. I, at least, trust others not to try to bring them out in me. Why would they want to? They're ugly, unproductive and, as you say, depressing.

I dunno. I don't need Borat to tell me what evil lurks in the hearts of man. I already know. I'd rather see a movie that celebrates people's ability to rise above monstrosity.

Sounds like a flick I don't want to see.


"The thing itself" would be "das Eigentliche" in German if that´s helpful ;). Havent´t seen Borat because of the mentioned hype. There´s a German comedian who did stuff like that years ago (know you won´t believe that, but it´s true).


Would that one could go back and "re-edit" the mean things one says and does in real life!
NO desire to see Borat - I already get the joke - and now both he and the movie have just been nominated for Golden Globe awards. No thanks.

E.C. Henry

Brilliant post, Billy.

Haven't seen "Borat" yet, but was able to glean some precious pearls of wisdom on the cruel side of comedy off your post.

Kinda strange how the "flip side" of comedy has us looking back on ourselves and re-examining why we laughed in the first place. It appears that comedy, at times, is a back door portal into the darkier recesses of our own souls.

Will think about this thought provoking post while at work today. Thanks.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Gideon: Guten tag, and your grumpiness has been helpful -- with Kathrin's aid (see comments) the post has been corrected.

Ann: Yes, let's rise above the monstrosity. Now, where do we start...?

Thank you, Kathrin (this is what happens when one cobbles foreign phrases off the web) -- post corrected -- and sure, I believe you.

Binnie: Would that one could, indeed.

E.C. I think that's what "good comedy" does -- flips us...

Annie D

This is one of my favorite Billy posts, and not just because I had a similar reaction to Borat: feeling underwhelmed, kind of sad, and introspective afterwards.

Well, actually, I didn't laugh at the over-the-top nude wrestling scene. Ewwww. Too upclose and personal, if you catch my drift.

And you are so right about the phenomenon of humiliation-as-entertainment.

People can't seem to get enough of it, from SBC's Ali G, to Borat, to mocking interviews on The Daily Show, to blogging.

While I'm uncomfortable watching people get mocked for that humorous, edgey effect, I still tune in.

And I constantly struggle in my own writing to find that balance between humorous/edgey and decent human being.

Good for you for going back and re-editing that post.

Ann Wesley Hardin

"Yes, let's rise above the monstrosity. Now, where do we start...?"

Why, with the romcom, of course ;)


You're a good man, Billy Mernit.

Ruth Yunker

Borat Borat Borat.

Every man I know says I must see it. Every woman screams "Run."

Maybe I already saw it in another life--or is that the hype seeping in.

Nice thoughtful post, Billy.


don't feel bad for what you said about "the holiday." you were right. you should feel bad for meyer.

David Thomas

Hi Billy,
Changing your review was a kind thing to do, in keeping with the holiday spirit and (without having seen Borat, but just from what I have read), you are working against his are showing one can always improve and being human we should always be aware of how our words can hurt. The old Thumper principal works in well here :)

Have a great Christmas and New Year Billy!


AnnieD: Would that rewrites in real life were just this easy...

Ann: Why didn't I think of that?!

Brooke: *looks at shoes; cue Peanuts theme music*

Ruth: Gender-bias in movie viewing? We are shocked and stunned...

Duncan: Thanks. And I do.

Thanks, Dave and cheers to you!


been a while.. and this ship has left... reading through this... glop and self righteousness... I mean listen to you guys... I mean I do listen to you guys... a german did this years ago... didnt see it because of the hype (like sasha cohen planted the law suits).... its bad, uncouth adolescent sexist nonsense and its GOOD... very good... hey y'all get your mean inner selves cooking.... go out and exploit someone... laugh at their expense if you have to .... not a freakin crime... and if it means that you will have had an actual interaction... versus the silence of your new prius..... then all the better...ha

i think borat is hilarious... i will tell you some guy who did this years ago... another uncouth jew...
groucho marx....

baaaaah huuumbuuuug


your post is unyloe govno

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