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I've always thought your previous life as a romance novelist merits a longer treatment. I love that she's going to write about it!

You know who my alter ego is? Google my name. Yep, that's right, a friggin' Playboy centerfold from the 80s. I'm sure that disconcerts the techie guys who are Google stalking me before they date and/or interview me...

E.C. Henry

My gosh, Billy, your art has come to life! No Frankenstine here -- your pseudonym turned flesh and blood is a hotttie! And a hottie with a brain, no less.

"Stranger than Fiction" meets "Living the Romantic Comedy" and the results were pretty darn cool. You, Billy Mernit, are BLESSED. Wish my own personal "Stanger than Fiction" experiences were as rosey as yours.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


You know, maybe it's the jet lag, but your posts are beginning to scare me...


Even though it's not exactly a "rom-com", the movie The Dark Half explores... well, the darker side of what happens when the pen name manifests itself upon being ignored.

It would have been an interesting romantic comedy, though.


There are at least another four of me - two of them are eminent professors and one used to write saucy articles for women's glossies and Sunday papers, which led to some interesting conversations with students, back when I was teaching, along the lines of "I read an old Cosmo at the dentist's yesterday - did you really do that thing you wrote about?" No, no no! It wasn't me!


If you don't write this one as a screenplay soon, I will. What a funny story. And I always thought your writing reminded me of Leigh Anne Williams!

Alan Smithee

I want to apologize right up front to Leigh Anne for my terrible behavior that night in Miami at Joe's. Honestly, I didn't intend to have the stone crab fly into your eye. Really, I didn't. And after, at the hospital, that whole thing with that nurse was a mistake on my part. I hope you can forgive me...

Seriously, it sounds like your email Leigh Anne friend needs to get out more. Maybe a weekend pass from the mental facility (accompanied by the psych nurse, of course) to home to see the folks or something

Ruth Yunker

I'm with Binnie. There's a certain je ne sais pas quoi about your current giddiness...although it's justified, most definitely justified.


Christina: That's pretty funny. But why not just admit that you and Hef go waaaaay back?

EC: Oh, I dunno; you've got so many rom-com fantasy scenarios in your fertile brain that I bet this year at least one of them will come true.

Binnie: BWAH-ha-ha-HA...!

Mike: DARK HALF sounds interesting -- thanks for the tip, will check it out...

Oh, sure, Sal -- keep denying it -- but we know better!...

Neil: How weird, because she thinks my writing reminds her of some blogger named Neil...

Alan: This from a man who's directed more bad movies than anyone else in the industry?!

Ruth: I AM justified. I am!!!


That is funny stuff.

I think I may have read some of your novels back in the day. I love a good romance novel, me. Especially on holiday. I'll read one a day (I read fast). Is there a reason you stopped writing them? These days with the popularity of the ongoing series about sisters or towns or secret societies, it could be quite a satisfying way to tell complex stories that are too big for the rom com movie.

I've always had it in the back of my mind I'd love to try to write one, just never got off my ass and tried.

I live where Harlequin does and I've heard they offer seminars and such because they're desperate for new writers ... that's why they're re-releasing all the old books from 20 and 30 years ago, to meet the demand here and overseas.


one time, I met someone who had my name.

She was a real bitch.

...i woulda punched her, had her name not been so cool.


Too funny...LMAO.


Caroline: The story of my timely demise as a romance authoress can be found on the two links cited in the 5th para... The idea of Harlequin scouring the landscape for writers is pretty funny... maybe now's your time?

Jess: And she prob'ly never knew how close she came...

Dave: Hope the A is reattached by now.

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