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E.C. Henry

Thanks for taking the time to go into some detail concerning the reader/writer relationship. Really appreciate a pro's point of view on this. Will keep that lesson in mind when looking at other people's fault finding in my work: the real problem may lie somewhere else in the script, and that's what triggered the critism in the first place.

Of cource even knowing that isn't making my job any easier... BUT it does make me think a little deeper about the critism levied.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Re the BMI workshop, which song was it? Just curious, since I am familiar with much of your oeuvre.
And hey, Maury Yeston told me a very funny/filthy joke at a Christmas party recently...


The thing about notes is that sometimes they are more organic to the note giver than the receiver. There is a whole class of people who feel they can only be validated personally by what they say about others.

I guess that falls under "consider the source," but I'm playing catch up after being away.


"I actually ended up leaving the chorus intact -- what I altered radically was the end of the verse that led into it."

This is great! I'm sitting here with notes and mired in a rewrite of that rom com I finished end of November. Some of the notes I didn't know how to take, but you've given me a new way of looking at them...


The post-it pictures and fantastic. Does the room still look like that?

And apart from thanking you for the insight on note-making and constructive criticism, I would like to make a stab at naming your novel. I did visit the original post where this was challenged, and I must say that I thought there were some serious contenders there already...
At any rate, given a skeletal of your plot, I came up with the following:

Really Thalia assuming of course, that your readership recognizes that Thalia is one of the nine muses and is the muse of comedy. Really Calliope would be another option.

L'Amour Fou, French for, mad love.

She's An Absolute Dream

Prepare For the Real Thing or Preparation For the Real Thing, whichever voice your prefer.

Love's an Illusion


I may come back with more. I may not.

I hope I win. Best of luck mernitman.


Hey Billy,
Sorry we missed you at The Getty. Hope to see you next time!


EC, Yup we're into the deep thinking here...

Binnie: It was a song since discarded from the "Golden Oldie" score and best left in the archives.

JJ: Are you sure you don't live in L.A.?

Christina, you might also try looking at them through a tall stiff drink.

Janet: Must confess I "borrowed" both post-it note photos from Google Images (and yes, I should have attributed) so I don't know what those rooms look like, but it would be nice to think there's even more notes up by now.

Thalia and her sister muses are actually referenced within the novel, so we're on the same page here; don't think I can go with the Grecian names, tho. Similarly, I've always loved "L'Amour Fou" as a phrase, but I think my publisher's gonna have a tough time sanctioning the French.

Scribe: And I was sorry to miss it! One problem is I'm always working weekends... I'll come look to see if you're posting photos.


Good stuff! Yes, you can leave the chorus intact when you figure out what's under those notes - I really identify with this.

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