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Haven't seen this yet, but still have to give Rock props for having the vision to take a drama and flip it into comedy.

I'm hoping there be more films taking "risks" like this.

Dave Thomas

I had read a bit about this movie but not been a Chris Rock fan(he is not bad, just not my cup of tea, normally) I was going to miss it, now I will have to watch it. Thanks for that.

"bone her or bag her, dude!"

I must admit, soon as I read that line I was visualising you down the dog park yelling this. :)


Dave Thomas

that should be "being"....more coffee!


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But what I really want to know is if you've seen Music and Lyrics and what you thought of it.


I'll definitely see it in the theater. I totally want to support a risk-taking guy like Chris Rock. Roeper and his guest critic gave it the same sort of more-positive than negative mixed review that you gave, for the same reasons. They both said they think Chris Rock has great movies in his future.

Ann Wesley Hardin

Sometimes it is more exciting to see potential in action rather than full blown brilliance right off the bat. Makes for something to look forward to. Nice take, Billy!


Wonder if Gene Hackman's use of the cliche about paint drying was the first time it was applied to a Rohmer film or the 500th. Whatever. I am in that apparently small minority that enjoyed R.'s films when they were new--they had immediacy, like sitting around talking with friends. Think it would be a hoot to watch the two flims back to back.


So. Not worth seven dollars? Romantic comedies are certainly a hard mix. Too much romance? Shit. Too much comedy? Shit.

That's me talking, not you. I understand that you don't consider this completely roadkill, but I don't consider it a romantic comedy. It's more of a really, really long skit you might see on the Dave Chapelle show or something.

Oh, yes. Hi. It's been awhile.


PS: among other comments, Chris Rock has some interesting things to say about how and why I Think I Love My Wife got made in April's Interview magazine...

Geeeeez. I can't believe I just admited I read The Chrystal Ball of Pop.

I'm soooooooo lame.


Guillermo: Yes, we think Risks Are Good (and BTW, I've been known to read Entertainment Weekly -- the shame!!!)

Dave: In the dog park I'm mostly yelling "Thomas! STOP!!!" because our terrier is a maniac. And: I'm a little cowed by having to be responsible for you actually going out and seeing this. Don't hate me if you hate it.

MaryAn: Ouch, you nailed me -- I've been meaning to see this ever since it opened and haven't managed to do it yet. Hope to catch it 'fore it's gone...

Christina: Ah, GMTA (Great Minds...)

Ann: And lowered expectations are always helpful.

Patty: Thanks for sticking up for Eric! I didn't mean to imply I was a Rohmer-hater; I've seen at least a dozen of his films -- LOVE Summer (aka The Green Ray), Claire and a number of his "season" pics -- it's just that these films never make money here, and thus, the notion of a Hollywood embrace... etc. (I too would like to see Chloe and Wife as a double-bill.)

Janet: Wayell... technically it's a rom-com (sub-genre: marital rom-com) because its central question is, will these two people remain a couple? But I see your point, and yes, nice to see you here again, at any rate. Hope all is good.

Dave Thomas

Here's something to scare you Billy, you are obviously channelling my energy :) Notice my last name :)
PS good choice of name :)


I haven't seen this new Chris Rock film, but after viewing several trailers, I got the movie in it's entirety. Don't you hate it when a few clips can encapsulate a movie so effectively, that there's really no desire left in shelling out the bucks to actually go see it? As much as I respect Chris Rock, I don't think that I will like this movie because I already know what it's going to taste like - fast food!
I was wondering when was the last released romcom - remake, or otherwise - that successfully incorporated all of mernitman's seven beats?


Thanks Billy! I think I love this review of Chris Rock's movie! I agree that he tried something different and I think he should be applauded for that! It is what we want to do with our scripts and what we want to see at the movies! It's important to take chances and make something special and new!

Woohoo Billy and all the great writers here!


Mr. Thomas: And are you terrierish?

Welcome Zappman: I believe all three of the most successful American rom-coms in the past couple of years more or less hit the standard seven: HITCH, WEDDING CRASHERS and 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN.

Woooooooooohoo bieb!

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