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Dog Gone!

I just did a bit on Pet the Dog, as well.

Except, uh, I didn't, like . . . BARE MY SOUL as you did.

anyhow . . . you crack me up with your cracking up.


Awww! That's so sweet, Billy. Congrats on your new neighbors.

BTW- I've been waiting for you to comment on Eric Schaeffer.


You've completely lost it! I love it. I love dogs. Last night, I took the guy who read my scripts all the way through who is now my boyfriend down to Crissy Field and made him watch dogs play for 1/2 hour. I told him not to worry - I don't have baby envy, I have dog envy. I want one. And yesterday. Aren't they the best? Always in a good mood and always happy to see you.


So tell me, does the dog driving the VW have one of those cutesy pet licenses? If not, better get one, otherwise they'll be no midnight chance at romance while watching the submarine races...


Does this mean we are breaking up? I hate when I find out this way!




congratulations and pass the syringe. mama just OD'd on sugah.


Adam, we aim to please. And I liked your piece. Great minds...

Hucklecat: We don't want to add anything else to Mr. S's reputation, do we?

Christina, well if you ask me, I'd say get two.

Guillermo, excellent point. We'll look into this.

Brooke, in that alternate universe we're still together famously.

Patty: in "aw shucks" and "awestruck," I am.

Audrey: When I've already lost my mind, I can't be held responsible, now, can I?


hey man, that's a charmed life. Given your good-natured musings and blog-dad like postings whenever i'm feeling Droopy Donnaish, I'd say you deserve it!

in other news, i sorta wish i had a dog instead of this cat. Or, should I say, this devil that runs around our apartment in the form of a cat.

Ann Wesley Hardin

Billy, the picking up the dog-poo so the other doesn't have to almost made me gag, but otherwise, I'm thrilled for ya. You deserve it and those dogs are dang cute. Mine is cuter, though...

chris soth

Man, that is SO gay.



I am so happy for you! Wonderful news, indeed. You must have remembered my aunt's sage advice about the key to any successful romantic relationship being separate bathrooms!

I have no problem whatsoever with posting the pets. I haven't done it yet myself, but that is only due to lack of technical prowess with my new digital camera.

If I'm truthful, I like most animals better than most people, and never really trust people who plain don't like dogs and cats (allergies are a different thing, but I dated a guy who just didn't like my dog ... an impossible feat never since repeated).

May you all be one happy family for many many years to come.

PS I can't believe you didn't manage to squeeze Must Love Dogs into this post!


So if you're the hero Romcom writer.......who is the evil Romcom writer?

Who said Nora??????? Bad, bad people.


Mernitman - Keep posting the pets. Wonderful stuff. Stuart and Charlotte send love -

Daniel W.

Billy, I'm sure you remember this --

Swana: You see, Count d'Algout gave me Punchy for my birthday. You must have searched for weeks before you found anything as divine as Punchy, didn't you Leon?
Leon: Months, Swana.
Swana: Oh poor Madame Yakushova... here we are talking in mysteries. I'm sure you wonder what it's all about.
Ninotchka: Not at all. I understand perfectly. Count d'Algout gave you a dog. You made it very clear, Madame.
Swana: Oh dear me, I must be losing my finesse. If I'm not careful, I'll be understood by everybody.


Jess maybe you need a demon dog to keep the cat in line.

Of COURSE yours is cuter Ann.

Chris you makin' me laugh.

Yes Caroline, your aunt got it right.

Bad people not being any people YOU know, Dave...

Barbara: Stuart and Charlotte deserve treats.

Daniel, I do remember that, and coincidentally Barbara (just above you) is close to the Lubitsch family...


Sweet!!! And congrats! I'm guilty of posting the pet, for sure.


What a perfect living situation! And I love that you both race to pick up the poop, although I have to believe that it isn't ENTIRELY true! :)

Sparky Duck

I try so hard to not over post on the cat photos. But I do know my project 365 blog is soon going to resemble "my cats are so cute arent they" moments time and time again.


Yes, Betsy, but you do it so fetchingly.

Em, much as it may both defy belief and make some of my readers ill, it is TOTALLY true.

Okay, Sparky, I'm rolling over to your blog now to see how guilty (or not) you are...


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