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Giles Bowkett

The key is to blog about it in 2005. Then other people who were there first can commiserate. The downside is that people who pretend to have been there first too will be using your blog as their "inside scoop."

Anyway, once you recover from the pain, and you decide you want your next hit of the sweet early stage of IWF, have I got a screenplay for you.


Ah yes. The burden of being The Hippest One In The Room. But then again, Billy, you've always been too cool for school! I once saw a pin that said, "I'm eruditer than you"...
Hey, blog about "Music From The Inside Out". Not too many people have caught on to that one. Yet. Or is it not cool/hip enough anymore?

E.C. Henry

IWF rocks, Billy! It's one the coolest things about the Entertainment Industry.

Your "Clouds in My Coffee" series waxes a strange shade of IWF, like blue to the color purple. Based on what I've read in your posts (since I've come aboard this love train) IWF is very prevalent in your own career in the industry, Billy.

Every pre-pro sceenwriter wants to be the object of affection in a IWF relationship to someone inside the "biz." IWF IS THE DREAM, if you stop to think about it, for all those going the contest route to get exposure for their scripts.

Point: IWF IS NOT PMS. IWF is a good thing!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Frank  Conniff

I'll be the first to admit that I didn't see Reservior Dogs on the festival circuit. And by the way, last weekend, I was the first to not see Grindhouse, way before everyone else was not seeing it. And not to brag, but I was the first to lie about seeing Springsteen before he was big, way before everyone else was lying about how they saw Springsteen before he was big. And this morning, when I read the Arts and Leisure section, I was the first to say, "Who the hell is Feist?' But now that the Times has written her up, I guess she's in the Feistgeist. (And I was the first to realize how godawful that last line is, and I was also the first to know that this whole post is just one joke, repeated over and over again.)


1. hilarious.
2. oh, how you suffer.
3. if you REALLY knew bigfoot, you'd know he prefers waffles.

Ann Wesley Hardin

IWF to use sunblock back in 1970! Uval--washed off in the ocean and tasted like ear wax.

Oh and I did Nerd Heroes waaaay before Vicki Lewis Thompson. But Kelly Rippa catapulted HER to the bestseller lists and left ME eating dirt. Of course, would've helped if I'd been published then.


Giles: Why didn't I think of that? Oh right -- you were there first...

Binnie, no one could be as hip and cool as YOU!

Readers, Binnie was an early adopter of "Music from the Inside Out," a wonderful documentary about musicians (finally available to the general public; you can get info on it at, and yes, it's certainly blog post-worthy, so the next time I re-view it...

EC, Let's get those IWF IS NOT PMS bumper stickers printed up
soon (and confuse everybody!).

Frank, let me be the first to recognize your comedic genius (Feistgeist is just fine by me).
I'm already telling people I knew you when.

Jen: Busted!!! Ouch.

Ann: I think after all the sunblock and dirt, we ought to treat you to a nice piece of chicken (or sauteed tofu, if preferred).


I've been reading Bolano (and in fact tried to secure the rights to The Savage Detectives before it was translated, to no avail--though I'm sure somebody with more juice than me will buy the rights and produce a blockbuster) untranslated for a very long time...

I think now that the Spanish Language has been discovered by Hollywood you'll going to see a lot more names from south-of-the-border make their way onto the silverscreen.

You heard it here first (or read it, as the case may be).


Not Feist! Lonely Lonely has to be the best song-EVER- a moment in a script that captures the feeling of that song? That's what I struggle to write.

It's almost as shocking as hearing Imogen Heap playing in the Smith pilot (abandoned heist tv show).

If the music that captures you is suddenly being played in moments on shows you watch (or in movie soundtracks) does that mean you're "getting it"? Is there hope that our scripts will one day be that thing people talk about, that we as writers might be the next big find? Or does the gift of recognition only apply to work other than our own? (Did that even make sense?)

Great post, Billy, way to put it all in words, that feeling of connection...


man, i discover EVERYTHING first.'s always so annoying when the rest of humanity catches up and steals my thunder.


(insert clever one liner here)


Guillermo: Seems to me that a couple of stories in "Last Evenings on Earth" are ripe for film adaptation...

tc, that certainly makes sense, but you're posing the kind of question that prob'ly only an I Ching reading (or something like it) might answer. I believe in hope, myself.

jess: and it's TOTALLY irksome when they snatch your lightning.

maryan: [insert clever response]


You are the only one I know who could write a post about IWF without sounding whiny and egotistical. I must say that I feel your pain. Numerous occassions (the sudden success of The Decemberists for example) have removed me from my elitist standing as one of the few and the proud.

But for the record, Ashley Mounts and Die Romantik are still mine!

But please, consider their music and make them famous because they deserve it.


You know, I actually take great pride in knowing I was an Early Adopter of Billy Mernit...


LOL! You could always do what my uber-cool 18 year old does (because she hears about every cool band first - seriously, she photographed the Arctic Monkeys before anyone else had heard of them) - sneer "oh, they're so mainstream" as soon as anyone else mentions them, because she's already moved on to the next "next big thing". Only an 18yo can be quite so perfectly culturally superior!


Thanks, Janet: I'll look out for Ashley and Die (and I'll keep quiet about it, and/or say you sent me).

Binnie: Pure genius, clearly.

Sal: Or a tweener...


Read this post three times--the laughs hold up! Keep seeing it in my mind's eye as a snarky exchange in yes a comedic romance.
He being the IWF, of course. She being the skeptic with "Whatever." of course. Oh, but then she one-ups him, of course. Blunders into a friendship with the next best thing.

Er, sorry. Got carried away.


Just call me a laggard... I'm not ashamed! Hell, I'm proud of it! (Yeah, right.) After all, you can verify my laggard status by looking at the date of this reply to your post!

Late... yep, that's me.

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