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E.C. Henry

Great teaser review, Billy. The seed has been planted, if I see "Once" at one our local multiplexes out here in Bonney Lake, WA I'll check 'er out, if not I'll try to catch it on its DVD release.

- E.C. Henry


I'm sold. Sounds great!!


Considering it's tracking a 97% rating on rottentomatoes (recently dipping from the 100% it was averaging as of a few days ago), shows that you're not alone. I've seen the Frames in concert, and Glen is quite engaging. Can't wait to see this flick.


You are not the first one recommending this movie! Unfortunately we have to wait until September before it reaches the UK, which is hard when you are rom-com addict. There is too long between the good ones.


Yay! I can't wait.


I mean, MY life has a soundtrack.

in my head. And mostly just the same lines of certain songs over and over again...

but a soundtrack nevertheless.


oooh - this sounds great. Thanks for the tip!


Woohoo Billy!

Thanks for telling us about ONCE.
Yay for music and romance! Can't wait to see it!

Writer hugs all!


E.C. and Scott will not regret it.

rb: It turns out Glen was in THE COMMITMENTS -- I didn't remember!Now I do, and maybe you'll recognize him (if you like me are a Commitments fan).

I'm sorry that Ingrid has to wait longer than Betsy does.

Jess: Me, too. But this soundtrack is AWESOME, like for the whole of it, non-stop.

Jen and Debbie I aim to amaze and entertain.


I can only wait, and check if I can buy the soundtrack online meanwhile.

James Patrick Joyce

Okay, alright already.

You've sold me, I'm going to watch it.


Hear hear, Billy!

I just got back from this and I agree on every level. Fantastic acting, fantastic songs, just fantastic. Compare with Music & Lyrics earlier this year to see just how good (and bad) musical love stories can be on the screen.

I do have to see it twice also.


I haven't stopped thinking about this movie since I saw it. (the soundtrack is now in my car...with a CD by The Swell Season soon to be bought.)

Glad you're giving it a featured place of praise...


Tiago, it's a soundtrack worth owning, and there's also a side project group (mentioned by others here) of Hansard and his female co-star in the studio, called "The Swell Season" that features many songs from the film.

James: The burden of proof lies lightly on my heart.

Chris: I know -- the "Music and Lyrics" comparison is most unfortunate (I saw "Music" after "Once," rendering it to some degree D.O.A. by default).

Deezee we must spread the word.


got to see this in Edinburgh, and completely loved it. Had big fat tears rolling down my face at the end, had the songs running through my head for days afterwards, and have now got my hands on the soundtrack. Thanks for a great recommendation, Billy

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