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E.C. Henry

Going to jolly ole England, I am SO jealous. Have a great time, Billy. Sounds like fun.

HUGE fan of "40 Year Old Virin," always been currious how much of it was a product of Steve Carrell's genius and how much of it was Judd Apatow. LOVE NBC's "The Office, so I'm leaning towards Steve Carrell. Hopefully you can shed some light on that.

Not to crazy about "Knocked Up." Don't like the premice, but may see it anyway IF your powers of persuasion are stong enough...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Have fun!

I can't wait to see Knocked Up. I read the 4 pages in the back of Creative Screenwriting and chuckled out loud at least 2-3x.

chris soth

Saw a sneak of Knocked Up. Pretty Good/as funny as 40YOV, but not as rich a concept...leading man (one of the minor playas in 40) acquits himself well for a first time leading role...

...but ultimately, not as good conceptually if as funny and well executed, worthy but fall slightly below the mark.

Like anybody asked me...

chris soth


Oh my God, the story of your parents should be a movie! Get on it, Billy.

See you soon.


Hope you enjoy your trip over to this side of the pond, Billy, and v many congrats to your parents on their anniversary

Diana Celesky

60 years. That's awesome! Congratulations and many blessings to them.

Julie Goes To Hollywood

Wow, I thought you were talking about your own anniversary for a minute there. I was like Christ that guy looks good for his age. Either that or I need to see the dude who did his headshots. Congrats to your folks. What an accomplishment, at any age.


EC: You can blame Judd.

Kristen: Curious to see how you feel the movie-as-executed measured up.

Chris, I agree that 40's concept is stronger. But I think the laugh quota is equal if not higher in "Up."

Brooke: Movie? Huh. Here I was just trying to (and failing) to be like them in LIFE...

Thank you Sal! Thank you Diana!

Julie you funny girl you. Good to have you back.

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