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E.C. Henry

Congradulations Billy, your second year has been REAL good to you. Hope your third brings continued success.

Just about everything you blog about works. I really appreciate the opportunity I get to get an insider's perspective on the movie making buisness.

My biggest gripe about your blogging is -- you don't blog enough!! You used to be a three times a week man, now it's just once. There's a sex joke in there somewhere, but I'm afraid if I say it, I might get squashed.

Value, as seen by this custormer, on a scale of 1 to 10:

The Writing Life: 8.5
Romantic Comedy: 9.5
The Industry: 10
Culture: 8
Film Review: 10
Music Review: 5 (I grew up in the 80s, so I'm a little bias)
Selected Personal Stuff: 7.5

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA



Fun Joel

Congrats, boy-o! I neglected to mark my 2nd blogoversary, but maybe this will kick me into gear to do a similar post. Of course, with your more verbose posting style, you've posted a hell of a lot more material than I have! Looking forward to another year of posts.


I was going to make a delightful comment here, but then I realized that I missed my 2nd blogiversary. My blog is going to be so pissed.


Good morning Billy. I read your blather every day and find it enormously encouraging and motivating.
The world of the *White wall, lone fiction writer* has expanded internationally because of the generosity of writers like yourself who take time out of their busy working lives to talk to other writers on other islands/planets/lives. You deserve the congratulations for both the quality and frequency of your blog writing over these two years.
There. It's okay, the gushing is over now, you can peek out from under the bedcovers.
As for what I enjoy most?
I write contemp. romantic fiction. I need all the help I can get to create something unique and amusing and true. Think far right 'chick lit.'
The *writing life* and craft entries on rom com movies have direct relevance, but from my desk in a small English town, I find the cultural notes fascinating.
Looking forward to reading even more in the future. Regards, Ray-Anne



Laura Reyna


I don't really have any critiques or requests. Just keep doing what you're doing.

I love the mix you have: old stories, movie reviews, commentary on current articles, writing tips, the occasional personal post, etc...

It's all good! :-)


EC, thanks for the ratings, et al.
I'm sorry I've been reduced to doing mostly one-a-week posts, but life has intervened (as is its wont); I figure quality trumps quantity, no?

Thank you Annabel!

Thanks, Joel -- I'm currently trying to curb my verbosity (and that will be the title to my Larry David-inspired TV series).

Brooke: And when your blog is pissed, look out cyberspace!

Thank you, Ray-Anne, and it's nice to know that what I write about can in fact be rightfully deemed "culture," from a British Isles denizen's point of view.

Thank you MaryAn!

Thanks, Laura, that's a heartening review.


Happy Blogoversary! May you have many more.

Mystery Man

I know I'm late getting into this, but congrats, Billy.

I have read every single article you have written on this blog. That's no exaggeration. You're still one of my all-time favorite bloggers. Here's to many more years.



Congratulations Billy. Many, many thanks for all the wonderful, insightful and funny posts.

Normal request for more JA :) but other than that, I just appreciate any articles you write.



I love this blog, Billy! I am a rom com writer and this is like heaven on earth for me --- to get your brilliant and funny takes on movies, rom coms, love, life and everything in between! Just keep doing what you do! It's working and all of us here just love you for it!

Woohoo Billy! Happy # 2!!!

Writer hugs all!

funny posts

Congratulations, Many, many thanks for all the wonderful, insightful and funny posts.its very colourful posts.

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