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Julie Goes To Hollywood

I think the real question on everyone's mind is whether or not Garry's had work done, and if so how much. His face always looked somewhat plastic to me, even in his youth. And that's no reflection on your vague resemblance, dear, since you're teasing us blog fans with your head down pose. (Me I do the head up thing with the dogs and sunglasses). You get my inner thoughts, folks, but not a chance of looking me directly in the eye.


Billy, baby, bubby, I've known you, like, a thousand years. No way you look like Garry Shandling.
Um, did I somehow miss Clouds In My Coffee #11??

E.C. Henry

Love your choice of words as always, Billy. Had to look this one up: zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist: the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or geneation.

You've lived an interesting life, Billy -- and it ain't done yet!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Diana Celesky

Hey, Billy

Great post. I'm not sure what's more surreal: The fact that Larry was out with the woman who had played his girlfriend on his show, or that you ran into him at a restaurant shortly after spending a chunk of time watching his show. I mean, I know there are only so many restaurants in Los Angeles, but it's not exactly a one horse town. I'm eager to read some more periphery man stories. Sounds like there could be a book deal there of the nonfiction variety.


Julie: Yes, his skin is... odd, isn't it? It's a kind of do and don't wanna know situation.

Binnie: Here's a link to CLOUDS # 11:

All I can tell you is that other people (used to) note a certain resemblance. Thank you for not seeing this.

But Binnie, Boopie, Batty, Buppie, for the love of all that's holy, will you please stop addressing me like an old Yiddishe mama?!!!

EC: It IS a fun word, isn't it?

Thanks, Diana: An early version of a few of these stories and others did make the rounds some time ago, but the industry was hugely uninterested. However, it does look like the CLOUDS material may surface in a project that I'm currently developing...


Ohhhhh I remember - you were jogging, wearing the headband...riiiight. And while you were reading my delivery as Yiddishe mama, I was thinking more old-school cigar-chomping William Morris agent. Almost the same, not quite!


forgive me, but i have yet another PeripheryGirl-to-your-PeripheryMan story: years ago, Garry and Bob(cat) Goldthwait were crossing Radford (NOT in the crosswalk) and I almost ran them over, then we had some nicey-nicey fun exchange (because i was a girlinajeep wearing sunglasses). This is way before i knew you, Billy, otherwise i would have yelled, "get back on the sidewalk, you Billy Mernit wannabe!"


I'm posting this on the wrong entry -- then again, I'm a rebel -- but I was also vaugely concerned about that weird plot lapse in Knocked Up.

I was laughing too hard at the time to care...but I mean...I honestly thought they were both 'pretending' when they said "i love you", and it was going to come out at the end that neither really loved the other, they just said so because it seemed right.

That would have been more real...but it might also have ruined everything.

Diana Celesky


Please keep us posted on when/where the CLOUDS stories will materialize. I'm eager to read/see them in a book or on the screen.


Binnie: Ah-HA.

Audrey, ah those girl in a jeep w/ sunglasses girls...!

Jess: Yes, that could've been so real (as opposed to surreal).

Diana: I'm in the kitchen with it, currently.

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