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E.C. Henry

Sounds like one bizzare vaccation? Guess I fall into camp II, I just hope you come back alive. Sounds like you're about to live through the seuqel of the moive "Biodome."

Anyway, sounds like you'll have some pretty wild stories to share after this adventure. Can't wait to hear about what memories you're about to make.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Oh man!!!

I can't wait to hear the stories when you get back. As a former teenage deadhead (who did a little touring), I've always meant to go Burning Man... almost went last year, almost went this year... I've really just got to mean it and go next year.

Have a great time!!!


Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it upon your safe return!


Have a great time! It sounds weirdly wonderful...

Fun Joel

I too fall into the, would love to go and mean to eventually, but still have not gone category. Have a blast, boy-o!

Christian Howell

So did you guys hear that some psycho performance artist set the thing on fire ahead of schedule?

The organizers are replacing it with a smaller "man."

They guy supposedly had to cough up $25,000 for bail.

Paul Lacques

Did you consult with Densmore?



Christina: I DID!

Scribe: I'll tell.

Scooter: It WAS.

Joel: I'm blasted.

Christian: I was there and saw the ("premature immolation") burn! More in an upcoming post.

Lacquesman! I did not. Is he a burner?


We're waiting!!! (Hint, hint.) I've been checking your blog since Tuesday, for the next post. (Hint, hint.)


Dear Christina,
I write to you with a mind of mush. We got back from Burning Man late Tuesday night -- I had to get up for Uni work at 6 the next morning -- it's now Friday morning and I am still a virtual ZOMBIE. Burning Man kicks your butt -- physically and psychologically -- and "weary to the bone" only vaguely describes my current state. I want to be able to write about the experience (a challenge in itself)with my usual skills intact... which means, unfortunately, that I won't be posting until late in the weekend. I'm hoping my brain will be functional and my hands healed (heavy desert weather left them swollen and cut up) by then.
Meanwhile, thanks for posting clips of your band on your blog -- you sound great, even if it's hard to see you in the dark.


It's after Labor Day - and waiting for those tales to be told.


I'll be patient!!

Thanks for watching the videos.


We love you Billy! Sending you wishes for a smooth Burning Man "recovery". We know you have some amazing stories to tell us! Writer hugs!


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