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I felt the same way when I read The Proposal script, page 108 guess what happens, that's right, another race to the airport. I am pleased to know it was probably one of the frist things cut from the script. Talk about a lack of imagination.


MsLooney: Amazing, isn't it?

toby cunard

I think it'd be great if he rushes to the airport, she gets on the plane and it crashes and then his cab least there'd be some beauty to it.
OR, what would happen it real life, which is that she'd go to the airport, expecting to be chased, he'd stay at home and she'd eventually come back 2 days late and he'd just say "stupid bitch".
joking aside I don't think you can justify writing an airport scene, it really has been done to death, it's boring, it shows the writer isn't speaking from the heart or real life anymore and is just following a formula, it's ridiculous.
Stop writing your favourite movies and write a new one (that's aimed at cliche yarn-spinners, not anyone in particular)

Helen Bang

Great cartoon strip on this topic:

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