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Wow. That's one of the most eloquent documents of the Burn that I've read so far this year. For those of us who were there, it's really a joy to read this. Put me right back on the Playa, where I had a ripping good time (and one very similar to yours, I might add).

That Astor Place on the Playa was one of my faves. But I have to admit that the propane mushroom could annoyed me. Why were they burning fossil fuels to blow up that effigy of an oil rig? Sometimes people just confound me.

Anyway, great post.


Virgin Burns 4: The First Shower After Returning Home

An epic tale of playa dust, an empty water heater and a $500 plumbing bill.

So how long was your first shower after you left the playa? I suspect mine would be as long as the hot water held out.

Erika Schickel

Fantastic post, Billy, solidifying my resolution to go join the fun on the Playa next year. Loved the porta potty story and the "Snack Food Glory Hole." Why doesn't somebody write a Burning Man rom-com? Boy meets girl on Playa. He drives a mutant car. She shampoos him. Passions ignite causing the burning man to immolate early...


Molly: You are kind and sweet and politically correct.

Christina: My first detox water-fest was actually a jacuzzi in the motel we stopped in on the way home - followed by a shower that prob'ly lasted hours...

Thank you, Erika -- Y'know, you might be onto something here...

Just Another Hollywood Guy

Try as I might (and watching it over and over again and over again...), I couldn't see Billy Mernit (or even a lookalike) when watching (and viewing the TiVo'd version more than a few times) the segment on The Burning Man on today's CBS Sunday Morning show...

And they teased me with, "...and this will be something special." Special? How could it be special without talking to the Mernitman?


Just Another: Wait, how could you have missed me? I was that guy wearing the thing behind that woman with the boa by the whatchamacallit with the fire...

But you're right -- I can't BELIEVE they didn't interview me.
And they call themselves reporters?!

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