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E.C. Henry

Don't have HBO so I haven't seen "Tell Me You Love Me," and by your description of it, Billy, it sounds like something I wouldn't like. I've never been into ANY movie or TV show where couples in question are bed hoppers or just plain miserable in their relationship.

I want to see couples where the hope of romance and happiness exists. If you don't have that, in opinion, don't bother.

As far as sex goes, I prefer it when the director has the decency to FADE OUT when things between a couple get so hot and steamy that clothes start coming off. Hint at good sex and leave it the audience's imagination to fill in the blanks. I, for one, don't need a blow by blow depiction of how two people enjoy each other. If you want to go further than that, I fear, your trending in the bounds of pornograhy, and that's a place I think mainstream movies and TV series need to stay clear of.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Kinky! Crazy!! (Well, you said...)
Didja ever notice that while all of Jane Austen's unmarried characters are looking for true romance, all the already-married ones are quite miserable? Austen and HBO, sending the same message!

Christian Howell

Interesting post and topic. I was truly taken aback at the first sight of testicles on the show. I can understand that real people don't hide under the covers, but when did these become real people?

I don't know if I liked the show or not. It was weird seeing a senior citizen do oral (end of Ep1) or watching the hand job that was given.

It was almost as surprising as Chloe in Brown Bunny. I just think that it doesn't matter either way (testicles in view or not) but the taboos are the issue.

I mean I see testicles in the shower at the gym so it's not like I'm offended.

I personally would never show genitalia in a screenplay but only because it can lead to turning a lot of people off before they get to the meat of the drama.

I'm working on one script where if I showed anything, it would be an NC17 movie as there are lots of sex acts, some of which are only seen in XXX.

It is a bold show and I'll be surprised if it last even one season. There doesn't seem to be a backlash from it so maybe people will allow themselves to look beyond the puritan and embrace modern life.

It seems to me like a well-written CineMax late night movie which s good because those movies really suck.

I'm surprised they didn't throw a lesbian couple in (yet another thing I don't get).

Just please no more oral or handjobs. That really freaked me out trying to figure if the ejaculation was real or staged (there's not much you CAN'T do anymore).

I guess I still can't see it as much more than sexploitation even if there's a message.

Didn't see it last night but I guess my postulate has now been proven. I have never watched a movie for sex or nudity. And movies with plenty of either never get my attention as I'm scanning channels.


The best new show of the season for me, with the best sexual tension between the lead and a bunch of supporting characters was..."Life".

Looking forward to how this series unspools.


I'm not sure marriage can be romantic. I'm the most happily married person I know, and my marriage is many things -- and not just the boring things you'd expect like "loving" and "stable." It's sexy and it's challenging and it's kinky and bold and erotic and gratifying. But "romantic" implies something unfulfilled, the promise of something unseen and yeah, in marriage, (especially I think in a good marriage) you *do* see it all. I never wonder if he's going to kiss me. Or if he really likes me, or any of the nervous/thrilling things I associate with romance. I think expecting marriage to be romantic may be like wanting a meal to be hunger-inducing. Marriage satisfies romance. Or disappoints it.
Romance is about wanting what you don't have. Marriage is about having what you want. I still want it. But I want it the way I want Oreos when I've got some in the pantry. Romance is the whole find-pants-drive-to-the-store-oh-god-they're-out quest for a cookie.
Marriage is more Oreos-and-whiskey-instead-of-milk-tonight surprising. It's not without suspense, but it doesn't have, really shouldn't have the "will he or won't he?" that I associate with romance. Now I need an Oreo.


EC: "I want to see couples where the hope of romance and happiness exists" -- Hey, I'll drink to that.

Binnie: Now that you mention it, have we ever seen Austen and HBO in the same room together...?!

Christian: Testicles -- can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

Bhurn: Thanks for the tip. I'll check out "Life."

Skye: You make a very interesting and provocative distinction. Not sure I entirely agree on your somewhat narrowed definition of the term, so we may be into some semantical splitting here, but -- hmmm. Now look what you made me do: I have to THINK about it...

Joanna Farnsworth

I'm with Billy on this. "Tell Me" has proved for all to see that sex isn't sexy.

But then we all knew that. The truth about marriage is we've seen it all before. Who wants the same old story on TV.

Austen and the BBC may be one-up after all. Mr Darcy in that wet shirt captivated a nation.

TV land used to know the power of suggestion. What happened?

David Thomas

Skye, your comment "I'm not sure marriage can be romantic" is something I both agree and don't agree with.

It can't be romantic all the time. Definitely, no argument there. Just a little too hard when you're both standing there with number 2 or vomit over both of you. Reality sucks. That's why you have a drink together at the end of the day:).

Aiming to be romantic, when you can, is I think, the best you can aim for. Little things, messages on mirrors when you have gone to work, text messages, letters, flowers, surprises(doing the ironing when it isnt your turn is huge! :) ) Big things weekends away together, etc are all part of trying to keep the magic alive(

Keeping the romance alive(sometimes it needs CPR, cripes some weeks you need a defibulator) is challenge in marriage and is infinitely harder than when there are no kids around.

When you do achieve true romance in spite of all the challenges, it is actually sweeter.

Just my 2 cents (less tax) worth.

scarlet hip


I watched about 15 minutes of Tell Me and found it to be nothing more than Thirtysomething with gratuitous nudity.

Have you seen Californication? Best new show on television.


Joanna: Well, no matter what's happened, at least Darcy in a wet shirt still works.

Dave: Thanks for a sweet two cents, and for making IRONING romantic. No mean feat, that.

Scarlet: I'm a little scared of Californication 'cause of that "oh, the poor little rich writer" thing, but I'm willing to take a closer look.


Michelle Borth, a star of "Tell Me You Love Me," talks about the show in this audio interview: .

Chrystal Munch

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