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Fun Joel

Beautiful! And congrats on the anniversary! :-)

E.C. Henry

"We see further only because we stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before us." Can't remember who said that, but it's true.

Billy, writers mean EVERYTHING to me. Story comes first. I love the movies, but without a GREAT STORY to tell, you've really only got window dressing.

Some say great writing is a thing of the past, but I wholeheartedly disagree. "Pan's Labryrinth" was a VERY creative story, as was "The Matrix," and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." As it pertains to movies, I judge screewriters on their abilty to create an interesting plot, not their ability be poetic in the nuts and bolts of sentence structure. It's the end product that matters most; the ablility to construct a roller coaster that you can't wait to ride.

I hope the writer's strike ends soon, and that the craftsmen get a settlement worthy of their fine contributions to the enternaiment industry.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Christian Howell

That quote was from Isaac Newton. This strike is bumming me out, but I'm glad someone can go on strike. SW developers are worse off as without us there would be no blogs or Final Draft or Avid Express and we can barely get bonuses and profit sharing is an unheard of term.

I will be joining the brigade at Rockefeller Plaza. We have to make sure that people get what they deserve and with the $4B summer, come on.


I belong to FOUR unions. May the writers get everything they ask for and deserve.
And, Mr. Mernit, my heartfelt congratulations! YES, really!



Congratulations on the anniversary! Thank you for the eloquent post.



How much is writing worth to me? A pittance really. No more than oxygen.

tristan russell



Well even the clauses in contracts that screw creatives out of royalties and residuals and income from 'all media now known or yet to exist' depend on a bit of writing...the pathetic sort of words written by attorneys, and I'll readily grant you that argument, but some marginally clever lawyer had to learn how to *write* that execrable clause.

So yes writers matter...attorneys and contract drafters are too handsomely paid while the artists, the wits and the storytellers labor in conditions of indentured servitude.

Somewhere we have screwed up or pricing scheme for wordsmithing.


The writer's strike? I support the writers, won't see movies or watch much TV until it's over...

And for you, congratulations on the year anniversary. I love Tater because she took you to Burning Man.

Rachel Hauck

Everyone seems to think writing is so easy... er... that's why they hire ghostwriters to make it look like "they" can write.

Writers are the backbone of great entertainment. Even the Emmy's and Grammys, other award shows are WRITTEN!!

Congrats on the anniversary.



Thank you Mr. Fun!

EC: As they say, from your mouth to God's ears.

Christian: Soldier on, sir. And maybe you'll find some good material on the lines.

Thank you, Binnie.

Thanks, Scribe.

MaryAn: Perfect.

Thank you, Tristan.

Welcome VDO: Indeed we have. Maybe back in the age of papyrus?

Christina: Exactly -- one of the many things to love about her.

Thank you, Rachel!


Congrats on the anniversary Billy. Sounds like it was a nice time.

scarlet hip

Take comfort in the fact that writing is not the only profession where others think they can do it better. Educational formats are changed every few years by politicians who have never taught a day in their life - and let's not forget the parents!

I feel your pain. If I were there I'd be right next to you with a picket sign.

abby smith

In these last TWO and a HALF DECADES of Anti-Unionism Prevalent in our culture, it is Noteworthy that the ONLY things we are hearing in the "PRESS" are which Celebrities have been joining the picket lines and Which shows will be going into Re-runs. My greatest hope is that this strike doesn't get read by the corporate imbeciles as Proof Positive as to why they need to pepper the screens with More No-Writer shows like "Dancing With The Stars" and other gems.....

Happy Anniversary, Billy -- you deserve your happiness, I'm sure, but I have to admit...when I read about you celebrating your union with your compatible mate drinking wine with wonderful friends....I'm jealous!

Joanna Farnsworth

An opening word of thanks to Billy for his Post Club interview. Great stuff. I hope this is the future of blogging. Professional publication worthy writing from all. Just like we get from Billy.

But here's the rub. Should the audience be getting this sort of content from the writer for free? Probably not. Without the web we pay writers like Billy to read or hear what they have to say.

And that's my point.

Writers who create the content should be paid a fair share of whatever content is consumed by an audience. How the audience consumes it shouldn't matter.

The issue at the root of the Writers' Strike is an important one. The industry stands on the brink of new media as an audience preferred form for distribution of entertainment. Now's the time to come up with a fair deal.

Best wishes to all in the struggle.

Joanna Farnsworth

Oops. I mean Post Pub. I also apologize for my previous mis-spelling of Woody Allen's name. Unforgiveable!


Hey Dave: It was great fun, thanks!

Scarlett: What if they held a strike for better education and nobody came? etc. ...

Abby: Yes, and we're more interested in Paris (Hilton) than we are in say, Sarkozy. Meanwhile, I understand your envy, but have faith -- something (someone) good will come to you, I'm sure.

Thanks Joanna and on behalf of the Woodman, I forgive you.

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Just a Guy on Strike...

Re: "I Love Writers"

Here we go, just another cockroach trying to scam some dollars from the WGA writers.


Doncha love it when life writes this stuff for you?


Let it be, let it be... What a strange place here.




Not too much

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