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Merry Christmas, Billy, and thanks for all your great posts throught out 2007. Have a great camping trip, and all the very best for a wonderful 2008


Have fun camping! Sounds like a nice way to spend...the holidays.

The movie I was most impressed by this year that falls into rom com territory is Once. I enjoyed Dan in Real Life a lot, but would rate Once higher. I was underwhelmed by Knocked Up - don't know why it wasn't a big hit with me. I like what I've read of the Juno script, but haven't seen the movie.

I would like to give Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married a mention - I'm the only person I know who made an effort to actually see it and can tell you it was much better (more cohesive, addressed real issues) than a lot of conventional rom coms, i.e., it was better than the ghastly The Holiday and Failure to Launch from last year!


See, in CA, you can go camping in the winter.

Up North, people who go camping in December are called "psychos".

Hope your Santa brings you an abundance of awesome dialogue and perfect plot twists! :)

Diana Celesky

Merry Christmas, Billy! Here's hoping you have a fun, uneventful (as in no bears) camping trip. I've enjoyed your posts here this past year, and look forward to reading more from you in 2008.

chris soth

God bless us every one.


E.C. Henry

Regaurding Ken Brown's "Parable of the Pie," do you realy think if Jesus served pizza to that family or His disciples they would agree on toppings?

Hope you have a great camping trip, Billy. With the Astas coming up, Christmas presents to buy at the mall and all, my salutation of choice remains ol' tride-and-true, "Merry Christmas!"

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


S, Christina, Jess, Diana, Chris and EC: Thank you and best wishes back at you all!

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