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E.C. Henry

Haven't seen "Juno" yet, but after your recommendation and the Seattle Times stellar review it's a can't miss movie.

Pre-Asta E.C. fave's:

Best cute meet: Seth (Jonah Hill) and Jules (Emma Stone) in "Superbad."
Justification: Very realisitic protray of how an outwardly carnal, crass jackass, melts in the presence of the girl he loves.

Best comedic set piece: The bowling alley scene in "Dan in Real Life." Loved seeing Steve Carell and Juliette Binocette squirm about when they are found in mid-kiss by Dan's family.

Best errotic dance moves: Seth Rogan in "Knocked up." Justification: Dice move or not, if it works to win Katerine Heigl over, you can't go wrong choosing that.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Judith Duncan

Three Cheers for Termite Art!Thanks again for another insightful post.



Thank you for summing up my own thoughts so incisively!


Another great post. Love your phrase "the grace of invisibility."


The screenplay for Juno is available for download from the Fox Searchlight Web site:


EC: Actually, Carell's dance at the bar in "Dan" could give Rogen's dice-rolling some competition...

Judith: Termites unite!

rb, thank you for having them.

Scooter: She'd fit right in with Thalia and her sisters, right?

Thank you Martine!


I knew there was a reason I liked this blog.

"isn't my writing awesome?!" has always bothered me. Quintin Tarintino, Aaron Sorkin, everyone who wrote for Dawson's Creek...quippy dialogue works for a short amount of time, but base a whole movie on it...and the reality of the characters and their emotions slips away.

After a while, that trick gets old, and shows itself for exactly what it is...a trick.

Give me sharp, subtle writing or give me death!


I agree that Cody's dialog is a bit too much -- especially in the first act. I HATE the drug store clerk exchange.

But, there's also some great dialog. It's almost as if all this over-the-top dialog sets you up for the genuine stuff -- like when Juno says to the Garner character "Just be happy you're not having the thing" followed by an uncomfortable look of sorrow by Garner. Great stuff.


Jess: Amen.

Tom: You're right -- it does get better once we're past the opening scenes, and there are great lines further into the movie. Nonetheless, I can't help still "hearing the writer" throughout -- though that doesn't take away from it ultimately being a great piece of work.


I liked it that the dialogue in Juno was BAM! in your face and not natural--I can get natural all day long on TV--but telling and feisty and yes, hilarious. Juno was more like a play in which people say the things we always wait/long to hear people say, but then they don't, do they? in most movies, on TV--instead they emit some palatable mundanity off the mark, to the side...


Patty: Sure. I get that. But (not to engender a whole longwinded discussion) there's a whole lot of rich fertile ground lying under the rubric of "natural" -- a lot of extremely gifted writers writing what SOUNDS like "natural" dialogue but is very smartly crafted and deeply insightful -- yet doesn't get the attention lavished on Juno, which (I annoyingly persist) is DESIGNED to draw attention to itself. But enuff: the movie gets better as it goes along (and the ear adjusts) and it deserves its kudos, I think, more for its original take on "teen movie" than for its stylistic SP tics.


I'm in the middle of Candy Girl, the memoir by Diablo Cody about her stripping days. Highly recommended. Same voice as Juno, but it works perfectly because it's a memoir and that's just the way the lady speaks. She has an academic command of the English language and spouts original phrases with the ease of a Pez dispenser. I'm convinced she's hyper intelligent, and an astute observer of human behavior. My (failed) indie producer friend feverently claims she's a "one trick pony" but I think that's just the jealousy talking. I would put my bet more on a label like "future mogul."

download movies

I really loved Juno, it was so truthfully screen play, the actors were amazing. It touched me a lot. I bought the soundtrack and it was my favorite CD for a year.


Juno is the best Hollywood movie of the past five years.


Marty: Thanks for your comment. I'm curious to see JUNO again, now that the dust has settled, and I'm still curious to see what Cody comes up with next.

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