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E.C. Henry


In my opinion the biggest sufferer in this strike is network TV programming. Me and my dad have gotten hooked on NBC's "Chuck," but now with no new episodes on the near horizon I'm going back to CBS's "How I Met Your Mother."

It seams to me this stike has really thrown a monkey wrench into the continutity of this season's TV season. Do you have insight into how the networks are going to handle the rest of the season once the strike ends? Are we looking at less shows? Or perhaps a longer TV season that stretches into summer?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

joan gelfand

So tell us - since it sounds like you are in LA - what is it like on the picket lines? Are writers talking about quitting the biz? Are recruiters coming to scoop up all that unemployed genius? I'm up here in SF but my heart is with all the writers who had the gumption to go up against the big baddies. Keep up the good work. Besides, this country is in desperate need of something quixotic!

Christian Howell

Sounds like a good excuse to push female driven stories, since we're (loosely used) chivalrous and radical.


love this post.

Quixotic is a fantastic word...and your comparison between screenwriters and Don Quixote is so good you should copywrite it.

Someone's gonna try to steal it and throw it up on '60 minutes' or something. out for that Andy Rooney.

Diana Celesky

Great post, Billy. "Quixotic Radicals" really is an apropos moniker for those wild daredevils who believe they should be adequately compensated for their work. I mean, how many 'practical' people do you know who can creatively write worth a darn? I'm looking forward to seeing your t-shirt as you've picked some awesome graphics for your post.


Mernitman - Terrific post. Somebody out there should make copies of this post and hand it out on the picket line.

Joanna Farnsworth

Hang in there, QR's. No one knows better than writers about chasing that impossible dream - to the winning ending? Great stuff, Billy. And on the back of the that T-shirt - "They should listen to me" ...

scarlet hip

Well put "Don"! But I think the back of the t-shirts should read, "To right the unrightable wrong". Or maybe, "To right the unwritable wrong"?

Either way, I'm cheering for you!


Alex Moore

I agree with scarlet except on one tiny detail of wording... maybe: "To Write the un-rightable wrong" but meh, just a matter of aesthetic preference.


EC: Here's a recent Times article about exactly this issue:

Joan: No talk of quitting the biz, and no such "recruiters" that I know of; morale seems generally to be high, despite the very not-good status of the talks.
And yup, we need all the windmill-tilters we can muster...

Christian: You're singing my song (and there are a LOT of actresses dying to see such parts available).

J: Thanks for the support and the warning -- I'll keep my eye on Rooney; he's a shifty old bugger, idn't he?

Diana: Strange but true, how "practical" and "creative" are so often antithetical...

Barbara: Though it's hard to read when you're walking in circles...

Joanna: Or the back could read, "This scene needs a rewrite!"

Scarlet: You Dulcineas make it all worth while.

Alex: Oh, you WRITER, you!...

Jake Hollywood

Maybe the WGA should paint the AMPTP as the Wolf from the Three Little Pigs...and we know what happen to him, right?

Christian Howell

Well, I've got one in the wilderness now (it actually has four solid roles) and about 6 more in progress. One of which is for perhaps THE actress.

I find the female psyche rather intriguing and more than worthy of cinematic exploration.

Joanna Farnsworth

Or, oooooh, can't resist: "ReWrite the Residual Dream"...


Jake: Something to do with bricks, wasn't it?

Christian: Worthier than we, I sometimes see.

Joanna: Our Out-of-Work Writers Anonymous meeting will now come to order...

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