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This is the second time I've liked Tom Cruise in awhile. (The first is for making that adorable toddler Suri - who couldn't love that tyke?) Go Tom! I love Tom. Tom's off the hook in my book.

(BTW, I think Brett is a dude...)

E.C. Henry

Interesting post, Billy, thanks for the "made a deal with the WGA" link. I did go there.

I guess in Tom's head he has become the characters he plays on the silver screen. Maybe Dr. Phil can help him with that? Now that Dr. Phil's done with Britany Spears in the psyche ward, perhaps it's time to move on to his next charity case. But I think I missed a key detail along the way. What exactly is "Dr." Phil a doctor of?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Brett N

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm a guy.

And if I'm not, boy howdy do I have some explaining to do to The Wife...
B (male)


Christina: Nutjob or no, he's also not a bad actor (e.g. Rain Man, Magnolia, Jerry Maguire).

EC: A doctor of fast food culture, I believe.

Mr. Brett: ...and that's what I get for not checking out those nifty blog "About" pages... Thanks for the correction -- and some inspiration for this post!


1. Happy New Year, Mr. Mernit!
2. Brett is the second person I heard of to use the expression "Boy howdy". Love that.
3. COCOA puffs.
4. Check out today's NY Times regarding interim agreements with the WGA:

Christian Howell

I guess it's time to dust off those Tom Cruise character-driven dramas and thrillers.

Hey Tom, let's talk. :-)




I've always been scared of Mr. Cruise in real life, but have noticed that in all of his movies he has this amazing ability to RUN REALLY FAST.

Nobody runs like Tom Cruise.

...and hey, if he's the key to this strike ending and me maybe getting a job after MFA school...I'll salute him AND his thetans the next time we meet.

(which, according to him, will probably be in space)


I agree Tom Cruise is a great actor, I just didn't respect the way he treated Brooke Shields. But I guess they're all made up now - I think she went to his wedding.

I just read a great bit on Cinematical. Here's the best line:

"... And you've gotta love any deal that makes Tom Cruise and the Weinsteins look like the nicest guys in the room, right?"


I'm sure Tom is a nice guy, but the Weinsteins? Lol.


Happy New Year Binnie! Yes, the Times article was interesting... anyone know the "boy howdy" origin story? Seems like a phrase that's been making a comeback in general.

Christian: Yup, F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong (i.e. the guy who said, "There are no second acts in Hollywood").

Barbara: Thenkew.

Jess: True, he do run good.

Christina: Yes, and I'm the Queen of Rumania. Etc.


Well the only people I know who use "boy howdy" are from small towns in Texas. When I speak to my darling Texas cowboy later today, I'll ask him about the origin.


While this move may help revitalize Tom Cruise's career, it's important to recognize that UA is not merely a vanity company; I'm certain it would be interested in scripts that aren't vehicles for him. Kudos to Paula Wagner (arguably the real force behind all this), and if it leads to some good romantic comedies that have some sophistication and good writing, so much the better.


Off-topic, and I'm sure this has probably been posted elsewhere on the site, but I thought this was pretty exciting to see...

Christian Howell

You're right about that. Any screenwriter worth his salt should have at least ONE Tom Cruise script.

I have two. They aren't finished but they will be soon.


Cruise may need all the good publicity he can get before his "unauthorized" biography comes out. Too bad Andrew Morton didn't wait a bit longer-- he could have added this to the last chapter.

Christian Howell

There's no such thing as BAD publicity.


Thanks Binnie for this informative link on "boy howdy":

Vincent: I'll drink to that. Also heartening to hear that the Weinsteins have apparently followed suit.

Aw, Blake: I hadn't yet posted this, but thanks for checking out the page.

Christian, currently aiming for that "hardest working man in show biz" title...

Tavis: It might even make the paranoids among us wonder if one reason Tom stepped into the limelight with said deal was to draw attention away from the bio?
Naw, that's just crazy talk...

Rosina Lippi

what Vincent said

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