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E.C. Henry

Saw "Definately, Maybe" over the weekend and was blown away at how creative the romantic plotting of this story was. Billy, tell Adam that all of his hard work totally paid off. "Defiantly, Maybe" gets my vote as the most original romantic comedy since Charlie Kaufman's "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind." Yeah, I thought it was that good.

Isla Fishler's and Rachel (didn't think she had rom-com in her) Weitz performances are perfect. And Ryan Reynolds more than holds own as the lead.

The only real negative I walked away from "Definately, Maybe" was that I was hoping the characters with an inside postion to the Clinton election campain would shed some some light on what Bill was like behind closed doors. The story did have Jennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinski, BUT everyone in America is well versed with that. I was hoping for something deeper.

Anyway, Adam Brooks ROCKS! I hope his next project ends up being as special as "Definately, Maybe" is.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Rachel Hauck

Just came from the movie and loved it. Except we never knew whey "Emily/Sarah" and Will were getting divorced after finding each other a second time!

However, I loved the story. And will take some of Adam's advice for my own work.



Thanks for that, I couldn't find an interview with him anywhere.

The Big Snake

Delightful film - wonderful cast. But I have to second Rachel's comment above. The huge gap in the story is the unexplained divorce. And in a film with a framing device designed specifically to explain to the daughter how the two of them got to where they are in their lives, it is an aching gap - almost to the point where I felt a reel was missing from the film.


I feel in love with Abigail Breslin (little Maya) while I was reviewing "The Ultimate Gift" a year and a half ago. I'm glad to see that her acting has continued to evolve since "Signs" and is still adorable at it. That said, I sometimes thought that her script wasn't true to her character... anyway...
I did like this movie. I have to agree with The Big Snake about the lack of explanation regarding the divorce, but overall the movie was (I thought) very original.

I absolutely loved Isla Fisher (April). I'm going to browse around and see what else she's been in. All the characters were quirky and complex. I only think that they might have worked with the script a little longer so that they fit the characters better.


EC: The Clinton stuff is weirdly timely, isn't it? Not that Adam meant his movie to be a vote for Obama...

Rachel: Apparently you're not alone in raising that question...

(You're welcome, Robin!)

...given The Big Snake's take. Perhaps the answer lay in one of Adam's original 200 pages?

Janet: We heart Isla!


Thanks for a look inside the process -- I adore these


Interesting post, thanks Billy.

I really enjoyed Definitely Maybe (but echo the "why divorce?" issue) and was amazed to find that the bloke behind it was also behind BJ2 and Wimbledon, which IMO are two of the worst and most painful romcoms of recent years

free movie

I love Adam Brooks and his films, he always success in accomplishing the story with lots of details that comes just to the right position in the end.

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