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E.C. Henry

This post sounds like a slightly different take on, "tips to writing a movie's logline."

What I find most frustating about reading loglines in the TV guide is the fact that by reading a logline, you're not really prepared for the upcoming movie.

My point is that sometimes in effort to be be brief the end result is unclarity and mis-information. I pay far more attention to movie reviews, then cute, "buzz word" loglines when determining which movies get my hard earned buck.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Smart, talented, have insurance, still single!


Too much school, still not married.

(I see a trend of the women's stories!)

Second try: Great boring job, moving to Paris.

That's much better!


Wow a rom-com between Hillary and Obama. How does it end?


Je ne sais pas comment faire.
Great post, good idea.


EC: I'm not addressing after-the-fact review/log-line summaries, but the process of how a writer hones in on What the Story is Essentially About. If you hold a gun to the head of your story and say, "Tell me what the point of you is, in one sentence, NOW!" you're liable to get an answer that's clear and informative.

Binnie: Good one.

Jamy: I like where you went with this.

Squeeze: If only we knew! (Meanwhile, pundits are pitching the joyful defeat resolution of a joint ticket...)

Marie: Merci!


In my grad program, every time a guest speaker comes in, we have to summarize our thesis in a few sentences for them.

It's interesting to see what people THINK their show is about.

After seeing half-year presentations, however

...some of them are gravely misinformed about their own show.

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