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E.C. Henry

GREAT job honoring "Tootsie," Billy. Very interesting insights into how this classic came together. Could feel my eyeballs begin burning in my sockets looking at that HOT picture of Geena Davis. Dustin Hoffman's like my most favorite actor ever. Jessica Lange's right up there too.

But the name that really stuck with me in this post was, Elaine May. Having read your book, "Writing the Romantic Comedy" like a gazillion times, I remembered that you cited her as an emerging talent in the "70s: The Modern Era."

Actually doing doing a litte IMBD homework on Elaine May I found that she was nominated for an Oscar for writing twice: "Heaven Can Wait" in 1979, and for "Primary Colors" in 1999. In 1994 she won an lifetime acheivement in comedy award. She's also wrote "The Birdcage," with her last movie being 2001's "Down to Earth," which stared Chris Rock, Eugene Levy, and Chazz Palminteri.

Elaine May has had quite the career -- we should all be so lucky.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Deanna Carlyle

Thanks for this, Billy! I enjoy your blog and check back often.

I'm working on a gender-bender comedy in this tradition. Your reminder about sight gags and Elaine May was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks for the inspiration!

Deanna, fellow author with Artists Literary Group


Loved the post, Billy. Tootsie's definitely a "Can't Not" watch it. The other "Can't Not" that comes to mind for me is Pulp Fiction. No matter where I enter that movie, or what I'm doing, I have to watch...

Joanna Farnsworth

Yup, I'll buy that one. Tootsie's definitely in my "Top Ten To Learn From" collection. It's just what a movie should be. A slice of your own life. That you love to revisit. Because it does a better job of living it than you do! Yes, that's me in the blue-mauve dress on the stairway. True comedy is tragedy, every time. Writers remember, it's not just about plot - your job is to give the actors something to ACT! Just the way they did in Tootsie. What's my favourite scene? The superb Bill Murray's "not that kind of girl" speech.


Hi i found your interest of romanticism extremely interesting and felt obliged to contribute towards your great blog! I have a huge love for romantic films and not to mention.... romantic musicals! ......... I heard a rumour that Legally Blonde the musical (!!) could be coming to London soon and am promised this is filled with love, hilarity, fun and is embodied with a totally girly feel.... I am extremely excited about this and actually found a website containing info on it..... -

Now this does have the wonderful news that the rumour is true indeed.......however not many details on when and where?? DOES ANYONE HAVE THIS INFO??.......



EC: Thanks for the Elaine May career summary -- here's hoping we get to see her working on something new.

Welcome, Deanna! We aim to please.

Scooter: PULP's definitely a perennial for me.

Joanna: Murray is priceless in this movie.

Welcome, Ally: Though I don't have any fresh info, I've heard the same rumor and for your sake hope it comes true.

Will Keightley

I caught Tootsie when it was in theaters. I thought it was okay. I wanted more explosions.

Then I watched it again in 1992. My living room was like a Memorex ad. I had to strap in.

The comedy in that film is firing on every cylinder it's got. There's not a single misplaced line, a single wrong gesture. When I watch the scene in which Michael Dorsey confronts his agent about The Iceman Cometh, my heart beats faster.

Even from my own, typically cynical, music perspective, I even think Dave Gruisin's score for the film is comic gold.

I need to check out that doc. All these years I've been worshipping before a shrine to Larry Gelbart. That Elaine May had a huge hand is a detail I find fascinating. And I'm going to dig deeper into this.

A remarkable film. Thanks for bringing it up.

Oh, and I'm still digging your music tastes. From Lupe Fiasco to Throw Me The Statue. Good stuff.

Diana Celesky

Thanks for the post and the wonderful photos from this great movie. "Tootsie" is one of my all-time favorite films. No film since has done such an outstanding job with multiple subplots.


Thanks, Will -- I love that image of being strapped in to watch TOOTSIE. You might check out Elaine May's A NEW LEAF: great black comedy with Walter Matthau.

Diane: Right?! How many other movies have done mutliple so well?

Rosa Graham

Hi Billy,

We, too, published an article today about Sydney Pollack, and we referenced the article you published on the 25th Anniversary of TOOTSIE. It was great!

Check it out at:

Also, I notice you're doing another class soon. We'd be happy to help promote it with a mention on our site - just email me.

All the best,
Find the Funny

Vivian Jannett

I just love "Tootsie" even after 25 years. It is no doubt about it a classic. I am currently transgendered and learn about myself a lot and I thank "Tootsie" for helping understand myself a whole lot better.


es la mejor pelicula que he visto en mi vida....Dustin Hoffman es muy excelente actor y lo admiro....


Mary: ¡Estoy de acuerdo con tigo! Es una de las peliculas que me gustaria ver otra vez.

emey wilson

it is very nice post for comedy.
laughing is to necessary for health.this post is too useful for too busy people.this article is proved some smile for busy peoples.
Keep up the great work!

Warm Regards
emey wilson


Thank you Emey: "Some smile for busy peoples" is the best kind of high praise.


So excited to find this blog! I am a HUGE romcom fan. Can't wait to sit down with some coffee and read through all your archives!


Welcome MissMichaels: Happy to be read, and to have another romcom lover on board!

Sebastien B

There's a rumour that Legally blonde will end next year to make way for Bridget Jones as the producer wants the Savoy Theatre for Bridget Jones. SHe also doesn't want Bridget to compete with Legally Blonde.


''You know what i wish"? that for once a guy could walk up to me and say "hey you know im confused about this too. ''I could lay a big line on you we could do alot of roleplaying but the truth is i find you very intresting and i'd raelly like to make love with you". ''simple as that" the only problem is when he says the line to her he does it his own way and it doesn't quite work out . Micheal at the party introduces himself. "Hi Mike Dorsey" . "mmm hmm" goes Julie feeling not intrested. "great party only Phil could afford all those lights" he says. yet she's still not into him. "You know i could lay a big line on you and we could do alot of roleplaying but the truth is i find you very intresting and i'd really like to make love to you" . she throws a drink in his face while he finshes the sentence "its as simple as that" he says. see? he did it hiw way oh well atleast he tried.

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