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And to think I was reading you back when you were blogging THREE TIMES A WEEK!
Happy 3rd! Keep 'em comin'.

E.C. Henry

In review of year 3, I'd have to say you do a great job of mixing it up, Billy.

Guess what I'd personally like to read is what it's like working with people in the industry. I really like you telling us a little bit about your collaborating with Carly Simon (you're soo blessed!)

You're the best blog poster EVER!! Keep up the great work. Look forward to reading more of your insights and musing during year 4.

- E.C.Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Happy Blogversary, Billy! ...And Many More!

tammy stark

Happy 3rd! I love the blog... am addicted to it. The writing, the insights, the musings really please the romcom junkie in me! As to what I would like to see more of: that's simple, more of the blog! Please post more... Miss it otherwise :)

Judith Duncan

Happy Blogoversary !!! :)
Thank you for 3 years of fun,perceptive,astute,intuitive, and discerning reading.I am currently working at a call centre and my spirit and soul are flatlining by the time I leave there each day.This is one of the places I come to for CPR.

3 Cheers,


AFI did the unthinkable when they didn't even ADD Tootsie to the Rom Com list on their ten top tens. Weird.


Thanks, Binnie: I can't believe it myself...

Thank you, EC: I will endeavor to keep at it.

Therese you are sweet.

Tammy, I'm so sorry to let you down! I love being your drug of choice, but I must choose quality over quantity -- any more than a weekly and my reading & writing overloaded brain really will start leaking...

Thank you, Judith! CPR is kind of what romantic comedy's all about, come to think of it.

Hey MaryAn: I KNOW!!! (Explanation offered in the next post.)


Congratulations, Billy, on your 3rd anniversary. I just looked you up because I read your novel and love, love, loved it!

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