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Yes it's a little late, but I wanted to pass on congratulations for the 3 year anniversary as well as to say thank you for this last post. We won't get Wall-E here in New Zealand for a few weeks yet and I've avoided all reviews and comments so far. Your post managed to make the film sound even more enticing than I anticipated without breaking the experience for me.
Cheers for that.

Christian Howell

Wow, I may actually go to see this. I can say that Pixar is great at reducing grown men to sobbing masses of testosterone.

The final battle in The Incredibles was
Anyway, I am fleshing out a romantic comedy that takes place during a galactic war.

I pitched it as a war but realized that would be an excellent hook.

Anyway, this is a great start to your next year.


Thanks for defining exactly what qualifies as a rom com. I've been wanting to ask, but I was reluctant to reveal that I didn't already know! And for whatever it's worth, I think your definition is much better than the AFI's.

I'm also glad you mentioned 'Tootsie'. I spent many an OCD fueled Saturday afternoon arranging my collection of VCR tapes, not knowing exactly where to put that movie. I'll come clean and admit that I never considered it a romantic comedy. When you apply your definition, it seems so obvious that it is. Not sure why I never thought so before.

I no longer own 'Toosie' since converting to DVD, (not enough money or space to replace the whole VCR collection), but if I ever replace it, I'll know where to put it!

E.C. Henry

Billy, you find the love in everything. You're a love finder, a modern-day Cupid without the cumbersome wings. O, how I do wonder how you would fare with bow and arrow.

Great point, that there are rom-coms hiding in many a-movie.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Wow! What a great post. I saw the film, loved it, and have nothing to add. That was perfect!


I almost cried 3 times during that movie.

Pixar has the secret formula. Even though they basically tell the same story over and over always works. ALWAYS.

At least for me.

Joanna Farnsworth

Bravo, Billy. Well said. Spot on. And kudos to Andrew Stanton, too. For reminding all that good movies are about contradictory attitudes and metaphors!


Thank you, Matt -- and sorry you have to wait so long for Wall-E!

Thanks, Christian: I'm ready for my galactic war rom-com, now.

Denise: Now you can get the 25th anniversary DVD!

EC: Them wings is always beating...

Thank you, Stephanie!

J: I almost cried many times, too, because, y'know, like... real men don't cry, right? Riiiiiight.

Joanna: What you said!

download movies

This a one of most beautiful romantic movies, the story is so pure and good, i just loved the animation and the gentle relations between the robots.

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