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E.C. Henry

Hope you have a great vaccation, Billy. Glad to hear you get to somewhere cool this summer. Planning on partisipating in the "Tour de France" by chance?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Wait, wait, I'm in France (Paris)! We should get have my email. Have a great time.


Have a safe, wonderful, and romantic trip!

Hank Hollyweird

Since you're so close, I hope you get a chance to take in the Montreux Jazz Festival 4 July - the 19 July.


Have a great time Billy!!


That sounds fantastic.

I'd rather be anywhere than NYC in the summer.

Eat some stinky cheese and get driz-unk!


Thanks, MA!

EC: No, but we saw a bit of it on French TV.

Jamy: Regrets! I forced myself to stay out of the web for half the trip, and thus got your comment too late to pursue a meet. Hope your France was/is a great one.

Thanks, Stephanie!

Damn, Hank: I KNEW there was something we wouldn't have time to do...!

Thenkew, Dave --

And J: We did just that!

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