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I think we've grown to take Allen's movies for granted because of his ever presentness - like Christmas or Hanukkah - sometimes our holidays are good, sometime not.

Deconstructing Harry represents the best Christmas, for me.


Yeah, but Woody essentially married his DAUGHTER - ew! - and in general the whole marrying-someone-a-whole-generation removed is a tad annoying to me, as you well know. But hey, maybe that's just me!
I haven't enjoyed Woody's films in a while, so I look forward to this one. I sang on the soundtracks to two of his films, "Everyone Says I Love You" and "Bullets Over Broadway" (a personal favorite) and he was in the booth listening to every take, throwing in his suggestion/direction (through an assistant) to the singers, and making it overall some of the best time I've ever spent behind a mic. Yep, you're right. Attention must be paid.

E.C. Henry

GREAT review of the film, Billy! And a great defense of Woody Allen at the same time. Never gotten into Woody Allen movies, but thanks to you I feel like I understand him a little better.

IF I ever break in I wantcha on my side, Billy. You are a very passionate deffender of the things you love, and I appreciate that about you.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Judith Duncan

Hey Billy,
I have been a fan of Woody for a long time,though not so enamoured of his recent works.I remember when I was acting, trying to get my head around Chekhov and the fact that 'The Seagull' was a comedy in three acts.I rented 'Life and Death' from the video store and it definetly lightened the burden.So when Vicky Christina Barcelona hits us here downunder,I'll check it out.Javier Bardem just makes the package that little bit tastier.


I agree with absolutely everything in your extremely wellwritten and interesting words about Woody Allen, who's work I grew up with and always look forward to see. And of course - if one, as a reciever of any piece of artistic work, should let strange things about the artist's personal life affect the experience, the amount of possible books, movies, paintings etc to like would be very, very small... If not zero.
Great that you liked this new Allen so much! I will rush to see it as soon as it opens here in Stockholm, Sweden, in October.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

I really enjoyed this film and not just because the Woodman wasn't in it. It seemed fresh and original, not a retread like Match Point, or a pointless comedy like Scoop. For the first time I could see Scarlett Johanssen's appeal and it was lovely to see Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem so light and natural.

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