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They always looked so happy.

Hannah Stevens

He was a democrat and he loved his country and it showed. A caring, giving democrat. He was wealthy, yes, but he earned it and gave a lot away. If all the greedy wall street people and CEO's would do the same we would not see the poverty in America.

E.C. Henry

Stiring tribute, Billy. Nice pictures too.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


When Elvis Presley died, my grandmother was so distraught that my aunt had to have a doctor come sedate her. When she got a grip, she said, "at least I still have Paul Newman".

Judith Duncan

Thanks for the tribute Billy.Paul Newman was a great actor, classy guy and a humanitarian.Even as a child seeing his old movies on t.v.those blue eyes had an affect on me.Though I do feel for Joanne Woodward's loss at this time.I can't help but think of what she gained, to share 50 years of her life with that man.What a great journey.


This makes my heart ache a little. I guess that's a good thing.


If nothing else in life, I wish for what Joanne and Paul had. What an amazing man, an amazing life.


Binnie: Back atcha.

Lucy: They did, didn't they?

Hannah: This is so true. People love Paul Newman for his altruism, but how many follow his example?

Thanks, EC.

Maryann, that's priceless.

Ah, Judith -- thanks for putting on the half-full glasses (as opposed to my half-empty).

Kris, I think so.

Janet: A high bar to set, but why not?!


I miss Paul Newman as an actor, and as a man. My one regret is that his peak years (the 1960s) came at a time when the romantic comedy was at its ebb, at least the meaty, non-fluffy ones. I'm certain he could have mastered that genre up to the level of a William Powell or Cary Grant.


I was lucky enough to spend a very brief amount of time with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward at a theater where Woodward was directing a play (my girlfriend at the time was AD).

Watching the two of them discuss the play and possible rewrites was fantastic -- they were both passionate and smart as hell.

At the opening night party, it was getting late and Newman comes sauntering into the kitchen. He puts his back against one wall and says something about how these parties drag on and on, while he slid down almost to the ground.

After a beat, he said "I need a beer." He hopped back up, reached into the cooler, and sauntered out, shouting as he left "Where's my WIFE!?"

All of this was done with a puckish grin on his face.


Vincent: True, and the one sort-of rom-com he made with Joanne - A NEW KIND OF LOVE - didn't do well (which might have been a factor in his subsequent avoidance of same).

Dave: Thanks for sharing this -- I can just see him, puckish grin and all.

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