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E.C. Henry

Sorry to hear this current election season is causing problems in the romance department. Didn't Gena Davis and Michael Keaton do a rom-com on that about 15 years ago?

Never been one to get that emersed in politics. But I have my own little adictions to work through; NFL football. Watching it 10 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. is a little much -- especially when your team (the Seahawks) loses...
But I love it soo. Torn. Wish you and Tater didn't live so far away so you could impart lessons learned to this represenation of the younger generation. Anyway I could get you two to relocate up here to Bonney Lake, WA?

- E.C. Henry


Ohmygod the ANXIETY!!! This election/financial climate hasn't been good for anyone. I have heart palpitations daily, I swear, and man, do I miss Tim Russert. Everybody, seatbelts ON for the debates!
And yes, I'm scared shitless.


When it comes to politics, I feel like so many people are talking that I can't hear a word. I'm trying to figure out what exactly is being said, but no one wants to come out and SAY IT. Distinctly. With an exclamation point.

All this vagueness is exhausting.

Christian Howell

I feel for you. I'm not really into politics as it's usually the same old fart making it up as they go along.

This election is rather interesting as another fiscally-irresponsible President (anyone who thinks like Bush) will doom this country.

I can say that I actually liked listening to Obama speak which is amazing to me. McCain seems to speak with a forked-tongue.

I'd definitely though rather see Obama\Biden than McCain\Palin.

I think I'm addicted now though because I've listened to Obama's acceptance speech like 4 times and am actually looking forward to Friday.


Who in the film business can resist the thrill of any conflict and the joy of digging deeper in it? Easy to understand your political addiction. Looking at your society from my far away Swedish point of view, I can say two things: 1. You live in an absolutely wonderful country which I love visiting (I actually do it rather often), and everytime I'm in USA I envy you a lot. 2. Some things are scary, like the enormous amount of homeless in the streets, and the use of torture that somehow seems to be OK in people's general morality (for example when Jack Bauer uses it i "24"). Very strange, and so... not civilized. But I love your country and your culture anyway.


This is one crazy election year and I've been spending a lot of time making snide remarks at my television like I'm enacting my own Mystery Science Theate 3000 in my living room, only it's Political Science Theater 2008.


OMG this is a great post. R. and I understand!!! from one addict to another -


I'm not disrespecting the office of the president. His power to shape the country is enormous but bottom line - he's one man. ONE.

Yes, he has veto power and yes, he has the ability to put legislation in front of Congress, but so do you. So do I. And, we have representatives at every level of our government (city, county, township, school district, state, federal) and the biggest political mistake we make, the most monumental and idiotic blunder we, as voters, make is not exercising our right to vote in every level of government.

Why? Because every presidential candidate began somewhere. Yet, more people vote for the presidential race than their legislators, local mayor or even governor of their state. Where do we think these two candidates and their running mates came from? How did they get here? We put them there. Yes, we did. We were do busy voting for other presidents to control the pool that future presidents would rise from.

Yes, it's a political climate like no other but it didn't just happen. It's not one person's fault, one party's fault, or one or two cabinets' faults. It's OUR FAULT. We put people in office. We funded their campaigns either by handing out our own money or not screaming loud enough when campaign contributions became so ridiculous.

Then, we blew up their egos up by accepting vague, broad, over-inflated plans that we KNOW GOOD AND WELL no one man can put in place without the support of the Congress.

This candidate won't do this and the other won't do that. Bull. No single man has the ability to even make such promises because it's not up to ONE MAN and we Americans do have the ability to impeach and remove from office any president who is a poor steward of the trust of the American people. But we've proven time and time again that we're too busy being outraged to actually hold a president accountable.

Who's fault is that?

Ours. Because it's much easier to attack the character of a person who had the cajones to author a policy, even a flawed one, than interpret the merits or failures of that policy and either fix it or get rid of the people who wont' fix it.

We have the power to shut down people LONG before they run for the office of president.

But we won't. we wait until they're on the road to nomination to complain.

Monumentally ridiculous things have come out of both camps.

Shame on us. Shame on all of us. We let it happen.


EC: Bonney Lake starts to look good at certain points during this ongoing nail-biter, but I assume you've got wireless and cable there, so the addiction won't be cured.

Binnie: I miss Tim, too!

J: You know who's saying stuff loudly and clearly? Chris Rock.
And often, Jon Stewart, and sometimes, Bill Maher. Same as it ever was: the comedians (formerly known as fools and court jesters) are always the ones who really do speak truth to power.

Christian: Wasn't that an amazing speech? Those who didn't get it... well, they don't get it.

Anna, that's very generous of you. We, too, are concerned about the homeless and the torture -- that's why we're so eager to get the current corrupt and craven administration out of office.

Stephanie: And all too often it feels like Political Science Fiction Theater, doesn't it?!

I heart Barbara.

MaryAn: This is a thoughtful and important comment. We have to get our friends (not just ourselves) out to the voting booths this year, to stem the very tide of disinterest you're decrying. Thank you for the vent!


Sometimes, I go too far.


Politics and Sex - at least one is all about who's on top...


what a wonderfully truth filled inside look at the not so often mentioned serious affects this election is having on the American Bedroom!
I laughed and smiled so often reading your words; but , also felt that urgent * anxious question-what if I or my beloved where to die tonight?
The latest Sarah Palin- fembot -projectile- word vomit, would be the last thing I had in my consciousness--EGADS!!

hmmm... I wonder if I missed any new news while writing this?


Maryan: So what? As they say, you go, girl.

Phillip: Not both, eh?

Marybeth: My sympathies -- I see you've got it as bad as we do...!

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