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OH. My. God. The best TV show! I have the most basic basic basic basic Cable, and don't get "Mad Men" on my TV but got delightedly hooked on it while flying business class to LA over the summer on one of those personal DVR's they hand you. So now I'm happily ensconced in Season One thanks to Netflix. Such good writing.
HEY, don't you have something big coming up on Saturday??? My heartfelt good wishes to you both.

E.C. Henry

Don't have cable so I haven't seen "Mad Men," but your description of it, and Tater's obvious addiction to it, does make me currious...

I only look foreward to a handfull of TV shows: "The Office," "Chuck," "How I Met Your Mother" and anything NFL (of THAT I'm a hopeless addict).

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


'Mad Men' is the only show my parents can watch together without starting a screaming match 10 minutes in.

Also, Moss did her best in "Speed the Plow", but let's be clear: that part is about as empty as female parts get.

Maybe someone should buy Mamet 'MM' for the holidays...


so great. insanely great show. the best part of season 2 for me has been watching Peggy finding her voice. there was some transformation in the first season, but nothing like this one. that scene with campbell was just devastating.

as an aspiring TV writer, can't wait to try and conquer a spec episode of this before season 3 starts.


Binnie: Season 2 starts slow and then gets awesomely awesome... Thanks for the good wishes.

EC: I'm an "Office" lover, too.

J: Mr. Mamet clearly has, um, issues with women -- at least, with female characters.

Chris: Isn't the Peggy arc incredible? Good luck with that spec.


When I watch Mad Men it is completley alone. No husband, no baby and the lights are black ecxept with only light from the TV. I pour myself a glass of wine, light the incense and just enjoy every blazing minute of it.


Hollie: And who would blame you? Blaze on.

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