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I saw "Happy" 2 weeks ago and found Poppy to be so squirmingly ANNOYING, until she had her epiphany with the driving teacher (I kind of understood his pain, actually). Maybe she reminded me of a certain family member who treats everything in life as a comedy "bit", while I am dealing with some harsh realities of my own here at home. The movie did nothing to raise my spirits; I kept waiting for something horrible to happen and it just made me more anxious.
Sally Hawkins IS an amazing actress, though, and doesn't she remind you a little bit of Rita Tushingham? Now I AM dating myself...
My LA trip was too short but quite wonderful, thanks!


I tend to be a positive chick myself, but for some reason, a movie about an inherently cheerful girl puts me off.

I'd rather watch like...another episode of 'Deadliest Catch.' Now THAT helps a person feel better about her life. Because no matter how bad shit least you're not freezing and frozen in the middle of the Arctic sea.

E.C. Henry

Billy, you should have told us more about your latest project.

"Finding the funny" depends on a person's disposition, if you asked me. DEEP down inside I'm a very silly person. Grew up watching tons of cartoons. Then when my social life didn't matterialize the way it does for normal people, I found myself doing odd things to entertain myself: mutter carnival tunes under my breath, made-up rhyming songs. This had led to a skewed outlook on life. Basically under the venier of life I see cartoons and cartoon characters.

So glad you chose to post on this movie, Billy. Would have skipped "Happy Go-Lucky" -- had it not been for your blog entry. Now, I'm going to make an effort to try to see it. Never doubt your abilty to influence others.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Saw that film a few months ago - although this London teacher is always so upbeat - I seldom left the cinema more "moved" - the character got on my nerves - and I felt I saw this loneliness deep down inside her...
Sally Hawkins is such a good actress - especially if you saw her in that BBC adaption of Jane Austen´s "Persuasion" where she was quite an opposite character.

Don´t let it get you down, Billy!


Binnie: Rita Tushingham!!! Absolutely.

J: Kafka would've gone for a girl like you.

EC: Always happy to be a positive influence (it's all those people I've sent off the deep end, I worry about).

Thanks, Kathrin -- and now I must go rent the BBC "Persuasion!"

Joanna Farnsworth

I'm sorry to have to say, yes, Poppy annoyed the hell out me. I couldn't see any tragic reason behind her cheerfulness. Like Gwenn said, comedy is tragedy. As for Persuasion, give me Roger Michell's 1995 version any day.

the captain

true, she is annoying at first but then she grows on you and you root for her. her performance is nothing short of incredible - as is that of her driving instructor - WOW! - and this is a must see film.


That's what makes horse-racing, Joanna!

Welcome Captain: Eddie Marstan is AWESOME.

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