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E.C. Henry

The name, "Peter Guber" has fascininated me eversence I read Lynda Obst thought he was a genious back in the day when she was breaking in, as chroniclized in her book, "Hello, He Lied."

In my humble opinion people panic and chase trends way to easily. Good story telling will ALWAYS matter. Added technology simply makes for cooler effects.

I'm with ya on 2 of the 3: gravity and toster ovens. Evolution? Different story. Ever heard of the term "intillegent design," Billy? Totally blows the Darwinism out of the water when organisms are studied at the molecular level. It appears that the theory of evolution and the the theory of margarine's benefits have much in common.

Still, though we may differ on points of faith, I must applaud you Billy on another post well told. You always win style points with me, and keep me commin' back for more.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


How much money is going into this redonkulous project? Waste.Of.Time.

Traditional storytelling is never going to die. And if the day comes that it does...I'd like to go with it.


"Take a look at one of this year's biggest hits, the Pixar animation Wall-E. It's about as classic a capital-s Story as you'll find under a 21st Century Christmas tree."

and i was sooo bored by it. if that movie had any name on it other than pixar it wouldn't have done considerably less business. as much as i admire pixar and their focus on story development, i was surprised by how unengaging that story was.

and e.c., there's nothing intelligent about 'intelligent design,' at the molecular or any other level.


Oh, here we go...


And this is exactly why I read your blog Billy.

The bottom line is that while the method upon which stories are delivered will be changing, the art and craft of story telling will be the same. If Homer were around today, do you really think he'd be panicking? I like to think he'd be excited.

Joanna Farnsworth

"Write better"? Right on, Billy!

I don't care what MIT says, I'm standing by classic metaphoric storytelling. If it's good enough for Andrew Stanton (self-admittedly a metaphoric writer) it's good enough for me.

Pixar's the only one who consistently delivers visual plots with underlying emotional stories. And audiences love it. It's that underlying story that holds them - not the visual delivery.

I'm still reeling from Casino Royale. However intriguing the visual plot - only half of James Bond's emotional attitude was written into the movie! Come on guys, "Shaken, not stirred" has MEANING!

If audiences didn't still want attitude-driven stories they wouldn't still be choosing to watch Raiders DVDs over Indy IV in the cinema - and they are.

So, team, let's get with it. Let's write what the AUDIENCE wants. Movies need that missing 50%!


EC: I have nothing but respect for Peter Guber, and yet when I hear his name I think of a small chocolate- covered peanut.

j: Redonkulous indeed. What can I add to that?

Christopher: Some were bored, but more were hook, line and sinkered, evidently for reasons that didn't necessarily have to do with the Pixar branding.

Binnie: And yet... where did it go?

Stephanie: Homer would have a very nice Greek villa -- in the Hollywood hills.

Joanna: What you said.

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