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What a love story.

Congratulations. I hope your wedding presents were expensive and plentiful.


Hey, I've known you close to, what, forever? You finally, FINALLY, got it right.
Mazel tov!!! I'm truly filled with happiness for you both.
(And I may soon have news, too...)


Oh wow, how many versions of that got posted??
Oh, well, you can't have too many good wishes!

E.C. Henry

Congradulations, Billy. I really like your wife's pet name too: "My Sweet Potato," Tater.

Wish you all the happiness in the world. Hope you two have a great honeymoon planned.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Congratulations Billy and Tater!
May you be as in your first meeting - "the last couple standing" (i.e. doing fine).


Dave T

Congratulations Billy and to you to Tater. I hope it was a magical day for you both!

I hope you both have long character arcs together.

PS being the Sultan of Swoon, does that mean you can have more than one wife? :)


Congratulations to you and Tater! How fittingly romantic and sweet.



Mazel Tov!! When it's right, there's nothing better...or more romantic. Chico and I are very happy for you.


No words. Just happy, happy, thoughts.


J: Thanks you. We're hoping this election gives us the best present imaginable.

Thank you Binnie!

EC: We actually had the honeymoon before the wedding -- that trip to France; considering we moved in together even earlier than that, I guess there's something to be said for doing things backwards.

Thank you, Kathrin!

Dave: Well, as you know, I'm already married to my work.

Thanks Jenny!

Bonnie: You guys would know, eh? Thanks for the good wishes.

MaryAn: I'm receiving them... Umm, good!


Congratulations! How perfectly romantic.


My blog reading has been sporatic at best, so I must have missed all the important posts alluding to your courtship. How wonderful for you.

Congratulations Billy, to you and the missus!

You have renewed my faith in romance. This is indeed the season for Hope


Thank you Stephanie! It was.

Denise: Season of the Hopes, indeed.


Woohoo Billy! Congrats to you and Tater! So happy for you both! Yay for the romantic comedy! Hugs!

Joanna Farnsworth

I knew it! Great marriages really are made in the Heavens. Congrats, best wishes, and all things good to Billy and Tater. Ships do come in ...


Such a sweet post. I was one of the convivial members of that full moon party, and its nice to know that meaningful conversations were being had while I laughed my face off down in the bowl. It was a fantastic night, even if it hadn't brought together two of the loveliest people I know.

I feel blessed to have been there that night, and to know you both.
Much love and luck!

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