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E.C. Henry

The documentary sounds like a real interesting exploration of bizzare life choices. Would be VERY curious to see what Philippe Pettit had going on in his life. My point is: dude may not have had anything of substance to live for (wife, family friends), hence, "The what the cufk?" attitude.

"Everybody needs to string a cable between two towers and walk across it." And YOU, Mr. Mernit, with a deep romantic bend that dates into the 1920s. Why whatever are you suggesting, you wiley fox?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Wow. I really like this guy. Not just because I find extreme sense of balance cool -- but because he is, in the truest way, a rebel.


Such a great movie - did you love David Forman in it??? I almost choked when I saw him on the screen. What a lovely, more innocent time. True inspiration, true dedication to living one's life in art and in the present.

Judith Duncan

As someone who is afraid of heights,my stomach did a flip just looking at that photograph,
thinking,"Oh my God why?"But of course it is the people like Philippe, who give those of us who are more pedestrian that wonderful spark of inspiration.
What a wonderful way to look at challenges..."okay its impossible,
that's sure.So let's start walking." I think that's another quote for my vision board.

Anna from Sweden

Saw some clips from the movie today and it looks beautiful. A lot of symbolism there. And on top of it, what a strange feeling to see the man between those two buildings, knowing they will collapse in the future...


Oh, Mernit - that's one gorgeous metaphor! Thank you.


Well done. Both the movie and your response to it. When the task is clearly impossible, the wire grows thin, the landing seems far, and the wind begins to move everything beyond reason, I'll think of Phillipe Petit and Billy Mernit.


EC: Petit actually had plenty to live for. Check out the DVD and see what's up (so to speak).

j: rebel, rebel. to the bone.

binnie: Innocence, right. A fierce kind of innocence. David Forman was a kick.

Judith: One of the great quotes, ever!

Anna: I know, it's such a haunting subtext.

Barbara: You're welcome. But talk about picking something out of the air...

Phillip: What are you, a poet or something?


I loved this movie, too, and have always had an inarticulated fascination with tightrope walkers. Thanks for the cogent words -- your ability to review what's essential is so great --


Thank you ElizabethE!

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I have seen this documentary and can say that this is very unique and ambitious man with no fear at all. I loved his agenda and his views on life.

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