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E.C. Henry

What women want is Denzel Washington. Thanks Billy, now I know why I'm still single -- I wasn't born black!

Fascinating subject. Wish they had some real answers that could I could secretly use to slant the odds in my favor...

A man's truth stick never lies. Very easy to find out what he likes. Now the female, well-p that's a tricker subject to objectively tell. They don't have a truth stick. Heck, in todays wacked out society some of 'em don't want to be stuck at all. And that's a shame, 'cuz with my luck with women I need all the availble single women I can get. Bigger pool, better I chance I have at the roulette wheel.

- E.C.Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Christian H.

Heck they could have just asked me. I would have told them women DON'T want a man in touch with his feminine side. The desire to be "protected" is conceit. We all know this world is dangerous and they don't want to break a nail. They want a guy who will cuddle with them and still be able to throw himself into the mouth of the lion for her - and come back.

Our culture doesn't seem to support the "feral" nature of the alpha male sexuality though so many women become quickly disillusioned and sometimes bitter - evidenced by the disagreement between the answers and the plethysmograph (never heard of it).

As a person who has had the unfortunate ability to attract both men and women, I find that women are far more possessive than men - though I haven't had a same sex relationship I have examined them - which is why you see Jerry Springer. Men more so want to show their status rather than possess. This again is partly cultural, not instinctive or biological.

The article showed that even male transsexuals DO NOT respond the same as women but as men.
The differences that people search for in my mind are cultural relating to the stigma with breasts in America, the ONLY country that doesn't have open beaches.
Relating differences to sexuality is basically impossible because so many responses are ingrained socially.

Women were shown to be aroused by many more stimuli and that may be the biggest, or perhaps only, difference between men and women - not many things can actually replace a vagina. That's instinctive.

Oh well, gotta write.

Anna from Sweden

Among a lot of things that a woman might want from a man, I can pick one thing I thought about the other day. I've read a book recently, about how your place in the family as a kid (eldest, youngest, in the middle or a lonely child) affects your personality as an adult, and now I'm reading Margaret Atwood's PAYBACK (thanks a lot, Billy, it's SO interesting). And I'm just so happy to have a husband who I can discuss these two books with, and get interesting answers back. And that conversation goes on and on, and makes every day new. That, to me, is one beautiful thing a woman might want from a man.


EC: "Truth stick"... Now that's poetry.

Christian H: "Not many things can actually replace a vagina." Truer words...

Anna: A "conversation [that] goes on and on, and makes every day new" is what I have with Tater. Which may mean she's actually got at least one thing she wants...

female libido supplement

What women really want's was someone to take care of them big time, someone who's always there by their side... but realizing the fact that most men only thinks was sex, not real intimacy and affection.... it's really hard to find martyr men nowadays..


"The desire to be 'protected', is conceit"? Being physically smaller(generally)and weaker as well as being anatomically vulnernable is responsible for this desire.

By nature, being masculine means there is more than enough of that hormone that makes a man less fearful, more aggressive physically, stronger and more sexual. We women, on the other hand, are less into fights, more into nurturing, less into risks, more caution etc.

This is why we(women) desire what we lack. We need power and strength in our partners even after the feminist movement decided that we didn't.

How can I say this, you wonder. Well take a look at someone like Beyonce Knowles. She is beyond wealthy, yet she married someone who is much more wealthier(Remember that in this day and age wealth equals power). But look at Julia Roberts, you say, she's married to a camera man! Well you know what, her dating pool isn't vast if she's going to use money to measure strength. Instead, she went for a man with physical capabilities.

Which is why I find it strange when screenwriters produce scripts pushing the falacy that women like 'bad boys'. The only reason she picked the 'bad boy' over the good guy(this should really read 'wimpy girly-man')in her early years of dating, is because the bad boy exhibited fearlessness and strength. The woman will trade him in later for a financially strong husband. She has a family to consider.

This is why it shocked me to my core when I went on a date(with an American guy)and at the end he tried explaining how we should go about SPLITTING THE BILL. Excuse me? What was the point of this guy's existence on the date? If we're both going to behave like girls he shouldn't have wasted my time!
Oh, but he wasn't done. After the bill was paid(I refused to pay a cent) he expected me to go back to his place. So what was in it for me?

My conclusion: A man wants someone to stroke his ego; nurture and take care of him. Make him feel useful, needed and appreciated. Women want someone to protect her; Make her feel sexually desireable; Take care of her. It's all biology and no, you can't compare males with sexually mutilated organs to women.


Thanks for this, Billy. It's the age old question that we continue to ask in different ways. Perhaps a happy man is one who pays attention. What she wants is, as I think you know, not always articulated.

Food for thought in song as well as screen, don't you think?


female libido supplement: i'm a lover not a martyr.

Jammin' Girl: Pretty outrageous (and funny, at least in the hearing about it), your date with the "Feminist" Guy. And your last para pretty much says it all, I'd say.

Phillip: Oh, we've been dining out on that one for a while now.


I was particularly fascinated by that ny times article. it's definitely worth reading.

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