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E.C. Henry

Glad to hear things are improving. I'll be praying for your dad.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Robbie and I have been hanging on to your every update. He lost his father last May and I lost mine 8 years ago. We both are thrilled by your parents' progress and send good wishes for your dad's surgery tomorrow.
And yes, YAY Penelope and Sean and Wall-E and Slumdog!


I think that's the hardest performance...Most Cheerful In The Hospital.

Your dad wins.


what a sweet smile! hugs and kisses to ma and pa!


I've been out of touch and so this is the first I've heard about your parents' accident. I'll be thinking good thoughts that your dad's surgery goes well tomorrow, and that they both continue to make good progress as they travel the rocky road of recovery.

It seems very clearly to me that your family is built on the exact stuff you need to get through a difficult time like this: love.


Billy, here's a little present for you and your family. If this embedded video doesn't show up correctly, let me know and I'll send the link.


I don't think the embedded video 'took'. so here's the link:


I love your dad! What a great spirit. Great to hear your mom is mobile. Keeping good thoughts for the whole family.


So glad to hear things are progressing well. Everthing still crossed for your Dad for Tuesday.

"And then next weekend I fervently hope to return to the usual Living RomCom bloggery"

and this Storyman is a misnomer. You always share yourself and your life on here and I for one am constantly amazed at the love that surrounds you. Luckyman Storyman(Uma meet Oprah...).

Truly hope your Mum and Dad recover quickly.

Donna from Louisiana

Prayers for your father today.

What a gracious man! You come from great stock.


OH MAN, just read today's (Wednesday the 25th's) update. HOW the hell is everyone managing??? Incredible drag, Billy! Well, they're being nothing but careful. How's your mom's rehab coming?


Although it's small consolation right now, the good news with this delay is that they will have more data to help make your father's big operation and recuperation go more smoothly. Last night, my friends and I did a group blessing for your father and the whole Mernit family. Thanks for the update, Billy.

Jonathan Tipton Meyers

Big fan of your blog and book and seminars at the Expo.

Your last few entries have helped give me perspective on similar life circumstances.

Sending well wishes and prayers for your family.


Seems I stumbled onto your blog at the most trying time. I am a praying person so I've just sent up a prayer for your family. The love shines through so strongly. Sending all good thoughts your way.

Fronnie Lewis aka F. Leegh Lewis

Your dad has a great attitude and outlook. That's always a plus when dealing with medical procedures.

That shampoo cap is a wonderful idea. Hmm, maybe it will show up as part of a funny bit in a romantic comedy script.

Hang in there!


Sending good thoughts and healthy recovery vibes! all the best - Scribe

Anna from Sweden

I came home last night from two weeks of holiday in South Africa, an unforgettable experience that really made me, my husband and our three sons thinking about how much we appreciate each other, and how different peoples' lives can be. And today I read your latest posts, from a place on the other side of the world, that also make me think of what's most important in life.
I'm so happy that everything seems to progress fine so far for your parents, and I send hopeful thoughts to your family. That picture of your father is just wonderful!


We just read your most current update. We'll be thinking of all of you on Tuesday.

Nancy Golden

Hi Billy,
Been getting updates on Dee and Dick through mom & dad (Gloria & Jerry). The anecdotes sound true to form! They're two of my absolute favorites. Send them all of my love.


Thank you, EC, Binnie, j and Simone --
You, too, Stephanie, Phillip, jamy and Dave --
Thank you Donna From Louisiana, and Larry Kay --
Jonathan, Kwana, Fronnie, and ScribeLA --
Thank you Anna from Sweden and Nancy Golden...

Both my folks' spirits have been raised by your loving support. The surgery is Tuesday (again) and I'll update you Tuesday night.


If you tip the doorman, I think you can get a better table.

Probably throw in a few free drinks as well.

Best of luck!

Joanna Farnsworth


Thinking of you and your family, and wishing you all well.

More loving support from,


He'll be fine. Trust me on that.
He'll will recover perfectly.

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