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My thoughts (and prayers) are with you and your family.

E.C. Henry

Praise the Lord that they found out about your father's abdominal aortic aneurysm. Sounds like he's lived a full life, but a few more years of living good retired life never hurt anyone.

RIGHT after my dad retired from Boeing he was diagnosed with prostate canser. But he went to a place called Lomolinda in Southern California and got cured. Now he golfs like crazy and is VERY happy. My point: post trauma life for retires CAN go back to being quite nice.

Glad to hear your parents love life is so strong. You're a very blessed guy, Billy. Thanks for sharing this post. I'll be praying for you and your family.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


All the best.


All the best.


What a blessing to have a Great Love as a model for you and your marriage!

Your Father is in my prayers.

Blessings, Angelica


Oh, Billy, I'm so sorry--and so grateful that your mother is healing well and that your father has a chance to share more happy years with her. Thanks for telling this story.


I love your parents. I don't know them, but I do, and I will give God a talking to tonight on their behalf.


Thank you, Billy, for the update. The gift of your father's reunion with your mother in the hospital is a gift to us all. I'm reminded how much I miss my parents, who passed last year. Oh, yes. I believe. I very much believe. Hope all works out for the best. And deep gratitude for sharing the gift.

Deb Montoya

Sending good thoughts your way, Billy.

Ryan Stauffer

Hope everything goes even better than you could imagine. Praying for you and yours.


Wow. One hell of a post. Thanks for sharing this very personal story ... it gives me pause to reflect on a lot. Praying for you and your parents' speedy recovery.


Billy -
Thank you for sharing this. I am so sorry to hear about the events of the weekend. I am thinking good thoughts for your mom and dad. What a beautiful love story they share. You and Tater are quite lucky to have such an example for your union. I send peace and blessings your way. And hugs.

susan mernit

Billy, thank you for this beautiful post that is so eloquent and loving sbout your parents and family.

Hope everything continues to go well for them with the surgery and their recovery.
Best, Susan


Hoping and praying...

Tony Conniff

My hope is that your parents' story will continue, for some time to come, to be a romantic comedy, with this just being one of the inevitable temporary setbacks.


Like the rest of the comments, I was touched by your story, and the second picture with the words that you wrote before that, brought tears to my eyes.

Love is real. A full life with someone who loves you, is the best of life.

Your parents are a treasure, I'll be sending prayers their way.


All my best wishes to your parents and yourselves Storyman. Not much else one can say. Fingers crossed.


I've been wondering about them... didn't want to trouble you n' J. with my inquiries, so am very grateful for your lovely post. I'm not a believer, but I do believe spirits like theirs will prevail. Tough birds. The best kind. You are all in my thoughts and in my heart.
Erika S.


Billy, we are so sorry to hear about your parents' accident. I am not familiar with the surgery your father is going to have, but I guess it was meant to be discovered and done there and for you to be nearby. Our most sincere wishes for a speedy recovery for them both. Bonnie & Chico...and if they need anything in NYC - just let us know.

s. west

As you know, I have loved your parents for now nearly 26 years. I admire them, their devotion to one another, and their boundless love for their children (and your late, unsinkable grandmother). And while they have always been in my thoughts (and for lack of a better word, prayers)they will be especially more so now. Please extend to them my sincerest and warmest --- xox sue

Fronnie Lewis aka F. Leegh Lewis


A very moving post. Lovely photo of your parents, too. I am a believer in a higher power. Also, I feel you can never have too many people praying for you.

I will include your wonderful parents and your family in my prayers.

Hang in there,



sending love and best wishes for healing and strength!

Cindy Lieberman

Wow -- just caught up on this today, Billy. I'm sending love and good wishes to you and your family. Between the accident, the heart surgery, and the 61 year old marriage, what a story!

Judith Duncan

Hi Billy,just read your post.Cosmic timing can be so absurd, a traumatic accident saves your father's life.My thoughts are with you and your family and wishing you love and strength.

Elisabeth Fies

Sending you good thoughts...

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