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E.C. Henry

I like the comparision of "He's Just Not that Into You" to "Love Actually," on the surface having seen "Love Actually" but not "He's Just Not that Into You" they do look a lot a like on one level: lots of high profile actors.

Unfortunelty a lot of Hollywood movies seam to suffer when they get to many high profile stars. All those stupid "Oceans" movies comes to mind. It's like we got all these actors to commit, we've got to start filming NOW, who cares if the stories missing something. Sheer star power alone will draw.

It's a flawed mentality. I hope you're fighting the good fight, Billy, and chiming in when the story betrays the tallent.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


God I hate this movie. I haven't seen it but I hate it. Just like how I haven't read the book but hate it.


Because women are not insane. And HJNTITY wants us to desperately believe we are.

We are not crazy. We don't make things up. Men are just as weird. I don't need a lame book written by a slightly-lame comedian telling me I need to be taught "a lesson".

I've had enough of women being stereotyped as stalker-psycho-desperate when it comes to dating, and I can't believe a whole generation of them have decided some DUDE (with weird hair) gets to make the rules when it comes to their relationship life.

...Ugh. Gross. I feel like I need to wash my brain out just thinking all of this...


Wicked assessment...especially pointing out how difficult it is to make a really engaging/moving ensemble romantic comedy.

Christian H

Excellent analysis and no I haven't seen it and probably won't. The ensemble comedy is difficult, but not impossible if certain elements are regarded: the devil's advocate, the mentor, the dreamer, the flirt, and maybe the selfish hero.

Of course these elements need to have some substance but hell we're making all of this stuff up anyway so it shouldn't be THAT hard. You can always steal scenes.

There are black people in Baltimore? I guess writers are relegating themselves to certain cultural niches and don't have the ability to write "white mainstream" lines for other ethnicities and cultures.

Fronnie Lewis aka F. Leegh Lewis

I think what we need to remember here is that moviegoers generally do not head into the theaters looking for a new film to be a classic or a groundbreaker.

They go to be entertained on “some” level that fulfills minimum expectations of the film’s genre. That means an easy to understand plot with a few laughs in a comedy or a rash of explosions and gunfights in an action flick.

Also, if the audience can connect with the film, like on a cultural level as you mentioned in HJNTIY Billy, it can be a hit.

Writers should take note of this. I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t try to write the next “When Harry Met Sally,” or “Pretty Woman.”

What I am saying is maybe it’s not so bad to create a little film that is more mind candy than meaningful. The negative. Moviegoers tend to enjoy lightweight films in small doses. If too many of them hit theaters –they usually decide their time is better spent elsewhere.

That said I’m still working on my very meaningful, got something to say, rom-com.


Saw HJNTITY last night in a pretty packed theatre and I have never heard an audience in the UK interact as much with a rom-com. (Compared to the US, watching a movie in the UK can be like a visit to the library i.e. very quiet, with lots of sssh’ing)

The laughs came thick and fast, and there was much gasping and oohs and ahhs in all the right places – the audience seemed to really connect with it in a big way.

Sure, it was trifling nonsense for the most part, BUT if I’d written HJNTITY and sat in that theatre listening to the great reaction it got, I’d be a pretty happy writer.

Alley K

As a young single gal, in Australia, I saw HJNTITY twice... both times in packed cinemas, and both with extraordinarily big audience interaction. This movie is exactly what the us girls are craving right now. The women in the movie seemed real (not such over-the-top 'characters' that rom coms typically have). We could relate to their situations, and how they reacted. And I'm afraid my gay male friends must be cliched, because that is very much how they behave.
Finally a movie that explored issues that we're all thinking/feeling in modern relationships, with no simple answers, just the complexities, dilemas, ups and downs that happens in real life!
It's my humble opinion, but I hope more movies are made like this. :)

E.C. Henry

Billy, just got back from watching a double bill of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "He's Really Not that Into You." "Confessions of a Shopaholic" was WAY BETTER. Isla Fisher really carries the movie beautifully, and, in my opinion, cements her place in the romantic comedy world and justifies future staring roles.

After watching "He's Really Not that Into You" I was left with the nagging feeling that this movie suffers from an excess of "cold fish" characters. YES, Gennifer Goodwin's character IS the warmth and the character we root for. But what do you make of Ben Afflick, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Connelly? Cold, lifeless fish... though I did warm up to Jennifer Connelly at the end of movie. And if she ever wants a rebound guy, hey sugar lips Prince Charming is waiting for you two states to the north -- and I don't smoke, and I won't kick ya outta bed for eatting crackers!

Ben Afflick's character is an absolute bore. Drew Barrymore's character needs emotional resonance, as opposed to just delivering the best barb lines in the movie. Justin Long's character failed to resonate with me as well. This show SHOULD have been better than it was. Yes, it had an all-star cast, but this STORY would have been better served if some of the all-star rode the pine...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

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