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I have to say, Paul Rudd's character struck a bit too close to home for me, and I suddenly felt slightly ill at ease, thinking everyone in the theater would turn to me and point out what a lovable loser I was too!

Fortunately, that didn't happen, but Rudd was at his best in making the awkward situations of life feel so genuine.

so... Sisflicks? FEMantic comedies?
Unfortunately, I think studios are convinced that girl-powered movies don't make money. Or, in the case of The Women remake, they just plain suck.

The Sweetest Thing was kind of a female driven romantic comedy... although I think what we're really looking for is a movie that doesn't depend on the girl hoping to win the guy as a hook.


We've got to get Tina Fey and Judd Apatow to write a female-bro comedy together.

How could that not make millions?!


What!? "A movie where the feuding-at-first buddies are babes." I'm finishing up a screenplay like that! I've been calling it a teen-girl-buddy-stoner-comedy, so it could definitely use a catchier genre nickname! I hope you're right about girl/girl comedies, but at this point I have yet to find out whether anyone is interested in a girl version of Superbad.

Christian Howell

How about

"Woman-tic Comedy"

Sure it sounds lispy but what the heck.

LR Nichols

How about "bra-mantic comedy"?
Too obvious?
You could have "bra-coms", or even a "brasserious" movie.
I'm worried that I could keep going like this for a while...

E.C. Henry

Good with that gals, Billy? You're such a Cary Grant. If there was no "Tater" in your life, would LOVE to see the "master" taking his swing in the ring with a prospective female. Who knows, maybe I'd even learn somethin'.
Wish more of the women of 2009 that are prospectives for yours truely were more feminine than they are. What ever happened to mini-skirts, high heels, hoop earings and low cut blouses? Need to be bringing that back...

HUGE fan of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Wished Rashida Jones' role in "The Office" was expanded. TOTALLY loved her there. After reading your review, Billy, I'm going to see this movie weekend. Thanks for the great breakdown.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Chris: I do kinda like Sisflicks.

j, that's so ultra.

Go for it Caitin.

Christian u funny.

LR Nichols: Me worried too.

EC Hope you enjoy.

Giles Bowkett

"You Again" sounds like it could be exactly what you're describing.

There's also the chance that "Baby Mama" fit that bill as well, or at least formed some kind of crude prototype for it.

Just guesses, though.

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Thanks for that very interesting post, you have talked about all my experiences in this summer, i watched so many romantic comedies and actually i am quite addicted :)

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