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That's great to hear, best wishes to your parents from Germany!


That's so great to hear! I hope they continue getting healthier and your dad continues to charm all the nurses.


Awesome. Absolutely wonderful. And my don't they make a lovely couple! cheers, Mike


Great news!


What a cool picture. How come your cool parents were never in movies? They look like they could be.

Also: SO glad they are now both cool and healthy.

Gina Black

Such good news! What an ordeal! But what a happy ending. I would say that your family lives up to the title of your blog. :)


Fabulous news! And I love the picture. Retro and real!

Muffin MacGuffin

That's wonderful to hear. So happy for you!


Billy, we're thrilled for your good news!!!
Em and Robbie

Iris Leister

Hurrah, Hurrah!
All the best and a speedy rehab to both of your parents.
So happy for you!

Ps. Your dad should definitely keep that super-sci-fi-shower-cap ;)

Rachel Hauck

All the best to your folks, Billy. Love the picture.



Bless God! I knew everything would be fine!


Terrific News! Our prayers have been answered.

I wish your parents a speedy recovery and many more happy years together.


Great to hear, Billy! Best wishes for an uncomplicated and healthy recovery!


I wandered onto this site a little while ago and I kept checking back periodically to see if your parents are doing well. Glad to hear that they are.


Good Deal, and best wishes for a quick and fully recovery.

E.C. Henry

Glad to hear things are going in the right direction. Wishing God's best for you and your parents, Billy.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Kathleen Whelen

I bookmarked your site eons ago - glad I came upon it tonight. I'm happy to hear that your folks are on the mend.

Kathleen (Jake & The Family Jewels - as Bobby Neuwirth said "the hottest band in NY!")

Judith Duncan

Great news,you must be so relieved.Wishing your parents all the best for rehab.


Three cheers for the Mernit family!!

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Best news all day Billy.


Anna from Sweden

Wonderful! I'm so happy for you and your family!


Congratulations Billy for the successful operation. Wish you and your parents all happiness and cheer.


Nancy G.

Glad to hear the great news. Thanks for keeping us updated. Please give mom and dad much love from out here in snowy Long Island.


We were hopeful that everything would go well and we are so happy to hear it has. Tell your folks the weather is finally getting better in NYC so it won't be such a shock when then get back :)Bonnie & Chico


Jozef, my folks were excited to hear from Germany,

Chris, my dad is collecting girlfriends on every floor,

Thanks Mike, they are indeed the loveliest,

Thank you Tiago,

J, our friend Manohla compared them to Irene Dunne and William Powell,

Gina, thanks, I'll agree!

Bill, that should be on a t-shirt (Retro and Real),

Thanks Muffin, and I love your name,

Thank you Em & Robbie,

Thanks Iris and if we can snag one, we will,

Thank you Rachel,

JamminGirl, thanks!

FLewis -- what you said,

Thank you Scribey,

SC, thank you for checking (and commenting),

Thanks Patrick,

As always EC you are the man,

Kathleen!!! So great to hear from you -- thanks for the good wishes,

Thank you Judith,

Cheers back at you Dave!

Thank you Anna from Sweden,

Thanks for the cheer, Robs,

Nancy G, we send love to snowy Long Island (where the Merry Mernits grew up!),

Cool news, Bonnie & Chico!

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