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E.C. Henry


I absolutely LOVED how you fused Roger Ebert's trip down memory lane in reaction to "Adventureland" -- because that's the universal appeal of a movie set in 1987: your own remebreance of a coming of age romance you experienced. When people start taking that stroll after watching your movie that's a clear sign you've made a movie with emotional ressonance.

What a tallent Greg Mottola is. Wasn't the biggest fan of Superbad, it was just too raunchy as main stream movie for my tastes, but Adventureland is a different story, and after posting I'm gunna check that stud out on IMBD. Can't wait to see what he's doing next. Also can't wait to see how Kristen Stewart's acting career plays out. VERY bright future, if she plays her cards right...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


If only all dead-end jobs were that fun. current job is so boring a script of it would be 2 pages. 2 pages TOO LONG.

Christian H

Great analysis. I noticed that for every Juno - small indie movie that walks on water - there are about 20 of these. Films that don't tap the same into the boffo zeitgeist. But then, cinema is abstract not concrete.


EC: You might enjoy Mottola's first feature, "The Daytrippers."

J: Badda-BOM.

Christian: ...Ephemeral not plastic.

free movie

This one of that film that you love from the beginning of the movie, the characters are lovable and the actors are cute. The scenes are very harmonic and everything goes right even if its not by a screen play. Really cute movie.


Why are people so obsessed with calling Jesse Eisenberg the "Jewish Michael Cera"?

No one seems to call Joseph Gordon-Levitt the "Jewish Heath Ledger".

Nobody calls Logan Lerman "the Jewish Zac Efron" (yes, I know Zac Efron is part Jewish, but something tells me that's not the reason).

This Jew-identification some people really like doing appears to be very, very selective.


Dee: Guilty as charged. I think in the case of this actor, we (that is, me and whoever else is doing such ethnic profiling) were searching for the defining "what is it that makes the difference between these two actors who do look much alike and often get cast in similar roles?" factor. Apologies if the description gave offense.

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