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Binnie: Ah. It's the bongo dust.

Jamy: Hotness and distance! That's what we want.

Ryan: I wish he heard you.

J: Matthew and the Weeble Bugs: YA novel or opening at the Roxy?

EC: YES, goddamit. He's invading my SACRED GROUND.

Frank: It's somehow more comforting to think of him as a Troy or Tab. But were they quite as, um, overheated?

Christina: Official Living RomCom Winner of the Matthew M. Explanation Award. This actually made sense to me.

Patrick: ...and have you heard me on the bongos? DUDE!

Mark: "Subplots Whose Existence I Cannot Explain" is a chapter in the book of my life. Mark's savvy agenting perspective earns him 2nd Place in the Mystery of McC Explain-athon contest.

Dave: But does Jessica make them movies where she keeps mugging at the camera going am I hot doo-doo or what? I think not, sir!

Maria: A studio can't shovel what the public won't eat.

Craven: One man's charm is another man's harm.

Maria again, I quite agree.

You're welcome, Erika: Let us take solace in the fact that when Matthew is paired with Kate, that means there's one less vehicle starring one of them out there (keeping the world safe from Matthew and Kate!).

Caitlin: "Dazed and Confused" is Matthew-transcendent.

Rachel: May he outgrow. Now!

JamminGirl: From your mouth to the screenwriting gods' ears. (Thank you for the caveat)

WiseFlickGuy: Funny how that works.

MartinB: Exactly.

Becky: Wait, wait -- so you've gone OUT with him...?

Ally: Again, I got no problem with the cake, it's the CHEESE.

Judith: More logic -- as long as there are surfers, there'll be...

Melquiades: I will give you that, and U-571.

Laura: Your projects are humbling. And I'm doing... blog posts...?

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