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Oh man, that's horrible. I rarley read the LA Times but yesterday I read it online and read about this before you mentioned it in your blog. The headline caught my eye - "Girl, 17, found slain in..."

I can imagine the pain her parents must be in. I watched an uncle lose his daughter and it was way worse than when he lost his wife. My cousin/his daughter died unexpectedly from viral pneumonia when she was 43, leaving behind daughters who were 13 and 16. But a teenager dying is even more traumatic.

The death of my cousin was my "life is short" wake up call. And we were in a little fight when she passed away and weren't speaking. She died mad at me. That caused me great pain for a few years. Ever since then, I do my best to make sure my exits are happy and people know that I love them. Because you just never know when you're going to see someone for the last time.


I can't imagine what kind of comment can be made about something like this. But I keep hearing a line from a Dar Williams' song, "It all goes by so fast, like waving hands ..."


I've been in LA this entire month, so watching local news has, until the other day, been kind of fun. I saw the story and thought, My God, a parent's worst nightmare. Until today I didn't know how involved you and Judith were. I can't personally convey the sadness I have for people I don't know, but because you know them, please, accept and pass on my sincerest condolences for such a tragic loss.


Oh Billy, what is there to say except I send my sincerest condolences to her family and friends. It is a tragedy and as all have mentioned, a swift kick in the rear to carpe diem and realize that now, now, now, etc is all we ever have and to make it the best version that we can. Take care. -Scribe


My prayers got out to the parents for what must be an unfathomable loss. The title "Fragile" is so true as this is yet another reminder of how our lives can change with every breath we take.
I read this story online at the and was heartbroken that the ending was so tragic. When a child dies in such a manner, he or she becomes everyone's child. When I clicked through to your blog and found Lily's beautiful face looking back at me, I was moved to tears.
What a gift she must have been to those who knew and loved her.

Rachel Hauck

What a tragic story. My heart and prayers go out to the parents. Grace and peace.



Tragic, tragic situation... My condolences to her loved ones; family and friends. I wish her parents rest...

karen from mentor


not sure if that's a prayer or a curse.

I'm so sorry Billy.


There is no words to say, I feel so sad and angry at the same time.

My condolences to her family.


Christina, Bill, Binnie, Scribe, Juanita, Rachel, JamminG, Karen and DMD:

Thank you one and all for your good thoughts and shared experiences. We're all of us sending our love to Greg and Deb in this hardest of times...


Hi Billy,
Sorry, just catching god, I am so sorry. You know I have a couple of little ones myself....this just breaks my heart.
I hope the parents can somehow make it out the other side. My thoughts are with them.

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