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E.C. Henry

I don't see the inner workings of meet-lose-get in this story, Billy. Never seen the "lose" side of this dynamic in your relationship with Tater. It's more like the inner workings of what happens shortly after the phrase, "... And they lived happily ever after." is uttered. Based on how you've told your story I see you and Tater as more of a center of TV sit-com, rather than the focal plot of romantic comedy feature film.

Your problems sound relatively minor. No sense making mountains out of molehills; you are blessed! I've heard a lot of marriage stories, and in so many of them it was a loveless struggle just to stay together.

Hope Tater finds employment that leaves her creatively and finacially fullfilled. Sounds like you two have a great, functioning marriage as is.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


That apartment complex sounds awesome.

...and so does the whole marriage thing.

That's unless cats and dogs actually talk to each other and have complex relationship issues. LOL

I actually meant to say "That's where" or something like that. Need vacation.


I know you've been there/done that as well, but the bi-coastal relationship I'm in, which will soon be going on one year, does make one weary after a while. But when I'm on the left coast, having my own bathroom is quite the luxury in this luxurious triplex. My "9-room" studio back in NY is barely big enough for me. It's a constant struggle. Congratulations on finally moving in together!


Okay, two things:

1) LOL!
2) Write the screenplay.


There was a couple over here that sold their vitamin business for a mint and lived in two mansions(virtually) side by side, they liked their own space.

They liked it too much though, he went and bought Daydream Island Resort and she bought some hotels etc and they went their own ways eventually. Bullivant was their name.

The above is not how you guys will/would/could go, just a story I thought you would like considering the subject matter, I think you two had the perfect ending. If you do write the screenplay(which you should!), I want to know what character arc the cat gets? Besides the weening of the peeing.

On a side note, our golden retriever has made friends with the ginger cat from next door, they now play together. Do redheads always stick together?

Keep well Billy.

Judith Duncan

hey Billy,
Now that's a romantic comedy for the new millenium.It's a great idea for a screenplay!The whole idea of personal space is very much do we give,how much can we take.There could be a lot of funny set pieces that I think people would relate to.

I've just seen that you're teaching a class at UCLA.Can you please do one online soon.I would so love to work with you.

Rachel Hauck

Congratulations! :) I think there's a rom com in this story somewhere.



Readers one and all: Apologies - I've been remiss in responding to comments this month, due to... well, the very subject of this post!

EC: Thanks for the vote of support. I guess the lack of stronger conflicts isn't a bad thing in like, real life.

J: I've done it thrice! Only this one's a keeper.

Christian: The Complex Relationship Issues Between Cats and Dogs - sounds like one of those film titles re-translated from the Chinese - or title of a veterinarian/sociologist term paper.

Thanks, Binnie: Your own bathroom!

Christina: "If I had world enough and time..."

Dave: That's great news re: the redheads! Long may they wrassle.

Judith: Sadly I won't be teaching online, for the simple reason that - I teach so I can get out from behind the computer and actually be with live humans! So the last thing I want is MORE time at the screen...

Thanks, Rachel: Somewhere... probably under that - wait, where did we put it? No, that box. You MOVED that box? So where's the...?


Nice one :) I loved the description of the apartment, rose garden? hehe freakin rose garden... I wish I'd had one :)


I think a better movie idea would be one based on a woman allowing herself to be named after a potato.


Movers: But I never promised -

Tuberose: Why stop there? I see an ensemble piece where we get a whole vegetable garden.

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