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E.C. Henry

Great review as always, Billy.

Haven't seen "Bright Star," but I was HOPING you'd comment how "Bright Star" stacks up against "Shakesphere in Love" and "Becoming Jane."


E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Laura Deerfield

I was a total devotee of the Romantics when I was 17, a poet, "genius" and idealist. I still remember the feeling of being swept up by them, and it's the communication of that feeling via a work of art I am thinking of when I use the word "poetry"... I am very much looking forward to seeing Bright Star


EC: I haven't seem JANE, but I can say that it's nothing like SHAKESPEARE - more like 180 degrees from, though it has moments that are funny in a similar self-aware way...

Laura: Then I think you'll have a good time!


I was on the website and they have a contest with prizes from A Diamond is Forever and Montblanc for the most romantic letter or tweet. A great idea to get people writing again.


Like Fanny's butterflies, I am myself changed:
The most sublimely exquisite film I have seen in years, near to perfection in its presentation of what IS the essence of Romance.
The grandest conjure of mortal making.

I'm still reeling since having just seen it-- no, experienced it. I feel as though some part of me may have died from the ecstasy of the tragedy, the sensation of loss so terrifyingly real.


As a lover of Keats, I'm surprised I didn't hear about this one. His poem, "To Emma" is one of my all time favorites. It's too bad they didn't do a very good job in the movie making. I've read some short biographies on Keats and he seems like a really interesting person. I still might rent this one from the store though.

Vintage Jewelry

Very big movie! I like those times and actors game of Abbie Cornish and Ben Whishaw. All the movie is saturated of romantic impressions and sentimental purity. I love the movie from the first moment until the end! Thanks for the post.

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