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Third World Girl

Great post. Thanks for sharing this. Color me inspired. :-)

E.C. Henry

Great interview, Billy. ALWAYS great to hear from Shane Black.

I liked what Shane had to say, "Stop having conversations that don't exist." I do that a lot when I'm nervous. Usually BEFORE a pitch meeting; trying to overantisipate what people say so I can have a well thought out answer in advance. Found from experience that can doom a chance at having a real converastions. You can't force your point-of-view down someone's throat. You HAVE TO BE OPEN to what the person on the other side of the table has to say. That's why they call it a conversation, and not a speach or a Hilterian edict (I JUST made that up).

It's foolish to be jealous of Shane Black because of his success. Cuz guess what: dude's success has paved the way for all who him to make more $$. Shane Black's success benefits us all.

HUGE fan of Shane's. I may never write like him, but his writing style does make for a fun read.

Thanks for sharing your interview, Billy. You have the coolest friends! If one were to speak in Paris Hilton-ese, could it now be said, Shane Black is your new BFF?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Scott Myers

Billy, awesome post. I've already linked to it on GITS. Your blog continues to be a must-read.


That was a great interview, with some sentiments that I really needed to hear. Fears of inadequacy and failure creep into everyone's mind, especially the beginner's, so it's nice to discover that not only can they be conquered, but the writer can be successful in spite of them.

Ally K

Wow wow wow!
Fantastic advice.

Laura Reyna

"I know it's tough to say, 'Don't be afraid,' or 'Think positive,' but... There really is just no other way to go."

Yup. I have to constantly remind myself of this. You have to tell yourself it's pointless to think those fearful, negative thoughts.

The only way to get what you want is to ignore those thoughts the best you can and keep moving forward.


I try to think positive whenever possible.

Unless someone is being mean to my face. Then I just think about murder.


I like this blog. Did you get the video for youtube? Often we censor/restrain ourselves through fear(which can be crippling if you allow it) so he's right.

Indecision(aka procrastination) coupled with fear are a potential writer's downfall. The ones who become what they dream of are the ones who push through the fear.

There is a secret though, when you have such conversations with yourself, always envision yourself triumphing that's what you'll get(as screwy as that may sound!)

Now I'm off to follow that 'secret'...

Steven Axelrod

Great advice from one of my favorite writers. Thanks. It reminds of another piece of great advice, from the late Randy Pausch, in his last lecture:

"But remember, the brick walls are
there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop thepeople who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people."


Third World Girl: Glad to inspire.

EC: Since you mention it, reading Shane is a great idea - his "Last Kiss Goodnight" screenplay is a model of great cinematic storytelling.

Thanks, Scott!

WB: Heartening to hear that even the most successful writers still grapple with this issue, eh?

Ally: Good good good.

Laura: I believe that.

J: And what thoughts you do have...

Jammin': No video (we felt it would be intrusive). I like your secret - thanks for sharing it.

Steven: Nice! I'm mentally deconstructing brick walls all the time...


He seems like a great guy. Thank you for sharing.

Rachel Hauck

Billy, thank you so much for sharing this with us! Shane's words encourage me on this Thanksgiving eve as I type toward a Jan 31 deadline.

Bless you. I don't always agree with you, but love your wit, talent and willingness to share!



Thank you for sharing Billy.

William Robinson

great article about Drama and fear at a rather extraordinary blog, entotled Where's the Drama - the secret/sacred art of Mediumistic screenwriting - which is the companion blog to -

William Robinson

D\Where's the Drama blog is at - also great essay on CONFRONTING THE WALL at

David Mackey

All very reassuring and motivating stuff to simply keep on keeping on! Cheers Billy =)

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Seen all of the movies he has written and all of them were great films to watch.

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Love watching lethal Weapon movie, I watched the characters grow and evolve.

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