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E.C. Henry

"Avatar" in 3-D is AWESOME! Well worth the hype.

Jeff Bridges is cool. Loved him in "The Faboulous Baker Boys" and "Starman." Can't wait to see him in the next "Tron" installment.

Will see "Crazy Heart" JUST to see Jeff Bridge's performance, and to honor your man-crush. BUT Billy, even living in Bonney Lake, Washington hasn't helped me acquire a taste for country music. That's a tough sell for this ex-heavy metal enthusiast.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Judith Duncan

Hey Billy,
I totally agree with you about Jeff Bridges.'Starman', 'The Fisher King' and 'Fearless' are three of my favourite films.He's always had a real warmth on screen that is incredibly attractive.At the moment all the guys at work are talking about,'Avatar',however,I heard it
described as ,'Dances with Wolves' with Smurfs.I will check out ,'Crazy Heart' as soon as it hits the cinemas in Aus.


Another very good Bridges movie worth checking out is "Bad Company", directed by Robert Benton, seems to be nearly forgotten now for some reason.


EC: Ex? So was it something Metallica said? And what's replaced your heavy metal enthusiasm?

Judith: I think you'll really dig it.

Patrick: Yes! BAD CO. is typical of a number of early '70s movies - back in the days when studios actually made what we'd now consider "indie films" - that have fallen through the cracks over the years, but I too think it holds up well. Similarly gone-but-not-forgotten, for those of us who care, is the Bridges-starring Tom McGuane pic, RANCHO DELUXE (1975).

Howdy. Long time no post. For me. I have to agree that this Bridges has that something. I liked him more in Fearless though as he showed a degree of vulnerability mixed with strength.

Haven't sen Crazy Heart but if it's well-written it should have that and good acting.

Even "The Door in the Floor" was good though a bit quirky and overtly sexual.


1981's "Cutter's Bone" - was released as "Cutter's Way" but based on a book called "Cutter and Bone" - and a real forgotten masterpiece.

Also, Bridges was nominated for supporting actor in another early 70's near-forgotten picture, Cimino's "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot."


Christian: I'm with you on DOOR, which was a dark and only somewhat involving pic.

Tom: Thanks for the correction! I had movie and book confused in memory. Also a fan of THUNDERBOLT, which even Eastwood fans tend to forget.


Join the campaign.


I've been a fan of Bridges since 70s quirky heist film, "Thunderbolt & Lightfoot."

Just rewatched "The Big Lebowski" and, while Bridges is cool as the Dude & John Goodman is good as the crazed, gun-toting Walter, the movie as a whole is just a mess... a ramshackle plot scotch-taped together with numerous kidnappings and misunderstandings... Liked the characters, not so much the movie. Anybody else think the same?

Boracay Beach Resort

To me Jeff Bridges is truly one of the best actors of all time.

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hats down to this man. Whatever role he does he does it with passion and that is what I like about him.

China Web Hosting

I totally agree that Jeff Bridges is one great actor. Thumbs up for this post!

joanna farnsworth

And the Golden Globe goes to ... That's our man! This is what we, the long-suffering audience, want MORE of on that big screen - real actors that can act - speak, emote, and sing - and who have a history that proves it. Take it away, Jeff!


Hansenfilm: Great campaign.

Greg: Wellllll... For all its deliberate ramshackle quirkiness, I still love the movie, too.

Boracay: Agreed.

SEO: Ditto.

China: Uh-huh. But what's up with you and your friends (Boracay and SEO) commenting as commercial entities? Is this because the Supreme Court decided corporations are people?

Joanna: Yay for the Globe. I liked his speech...

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Jeff Bridges is an amazing actor. not matter what role he is given, he always delivers.

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Jeff Bridges... well, it's 'bout time!!! I think he also deserved an Oscar for his role in "Starman".

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everything bridges is in is awesome. he is like wine. gets better with age. his father was great too


I am the first time being here.
Delighted to get in touch with every one right here.

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