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E.C. Henry

Billy, you'll never be "too old" to be in the room with this hick from B.Lake, WA. Though, just so you know, we still have deer, elk and chickens impeading one's trek down the road on a regular basis. Okay, maybe not chickens, but yes to the other two.

No need to defend your liking of "It's Complicated." The cast justifies all. Meryl Steep is always fun to watch, and Alex Balwin has carved out quite a nitch lately for himself. LOVE him in "30 Rock."

No offense, but I can't wait to see "The Lovely Bones" JUST because Peter Jackson is involved with it. After watching "District 9" this summer Peter Jackson has officially won me over as a fan for life. Besides a few years ago he did do "King Kong" justice too for a little studio you may be familiar with...

It's the Holiday Season, Billy. Get happy. And come on up to Bonney Lake -- we've got eggnog now!

- E.C. Henry


Don't forget it has a screamingly funny Skype scene in it. It's not *that* unhip.


I'm in the middle of reading the script and am enjoying it! Definitely a movie I'll take my mother to during the holidays.


EC: Oh, to have my trek impeded by deer and elk.

Molly: You're absolutely right, and so there!

Christina: But on the other hand, there it is - I've admitted to enjoying the movie that you take your mother to...


I just saw a preview for this movie and it looked really interesting. I'm glad I read this blog post because I had counted it out. I wasn't planning on seeing it. But now I think I will. It sounds like it's worth the $8.50

S. Boyd

Thanks, Billy. I'll make a study of the movie and maybe enjoy it along the way.


I saw a screening of this movie today. SO many things bugged me about it, Billy, but there are too many spoilers...I'll wait to discuss. But there was a real "ugh, ick" factor in this movie for me. So much made me uncomfortable. Ah, well...


I just saw It's Complicated from Netflix. (Hence this belated post.) The previews suggested it would be a lot better (color that funnier) than it was, but it certainly provided a lot of fuel for discussion. For instance, I was SO relieved that she chose to reject her ex, while the person I watched it with hoped they would get back together.

I found myself discussing that light movie way more than others I have seen recently. (Which reminded me of a whole lot of arguments about a very different movie by Bergman.) And laughing at odd moments for a couple days after when recalling the more salacious jokes.

But you hit the nail on the head: the movie disappointed because it was middle of the road. A plastic product. It took on a theme which hell nearly every American adult can relate to then threw in lots of glossy sets and props which only distract from the center.

But maybe that is just my own take, because I couldn't really relate to the beautiful people thing going there.

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