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E.C. Henry


You deserve an Oscar for being able to make heads or tails out of the romantic comedy genre this year. Because I haven't seen "(500) Days of Summer," "Up in the Air" or "It's Complicated" yet I don't really feel like I've done due the genre the due dillegence it deserves as pertains to citing this year's best. But from what I did see...

Romantic couple that moved me the most in 2009: Guido and Luisa Contini (Daniel Day Lewis and Marion Cotillard) from Rob Marshall's "Nine." "Nine" is more of a tragedy than a comedy, but it is suprisingly moving. Get past the dance numbers and there's a very moving cautionary tale for those with a creative bend... Anyway, when opportunity allows, I highly recommend you see it.

Woman who tried real hard, but had little to show for it in 2009: Nia Vardalos. Remember "My Life in Ruins" OR "I Have Valentine's Day?" Neither were big $$ makers but boy-o-boy did Nia Vardalos ever try with both films. And of all the rom-coms I did see that were released in 2009, "I Have Valentine's Day" had the best romantic ending.

Great post as always, Billy. Been looking forward to reading this year's Asta awards for about 2 months now. Thanks. :-)

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Sam Wasson

Billy, you are the guru, so it is with great humility and infinite deference that I say: "It's Complicated"? That was two hours of sub-par television! Well, there was Meryl of course and Alec, but that doesn't account for the senseless filmmaking. That thing was laid out like a high school play!


EC: Thanks for the NINE nod. Technically it's a musical dramedy, but Astas aside, I'm very curious to see it.

Sammy: Even your favorite critic gave it up for COMPLICATED, a movie that made me laugh (out loud) more than most this year, so either she and I are drinking the same koolaid, or it's a matter of taste.

Said critic's grudging "yes, she IS an auteur but she has no visual style or cinematic interest" is pretty much my take - if you read my COMPLICATED review (scroll down a bit), you'll see all my embarrassed apologia, etc. but STILL, for all its wretched MOR bourgie excesses, I think it's a funny pic. And given the absolute dearth of rom-coms featuring leads over age 29 (name me one other one this year), I guess I'm giving it extra props.


I just saw It's Complicated tonight with my mom and my aunt and we all laughed a lot. I believe (500) Days of Summer is a better film, but I enjoyed It's Complicated more because the former hit a little too close to home. I also agree with your assessment of The Proposal - great movie to see on a plane. It had some great moments but I didn't buy the set-up or Alaska.

My favorite bromance was between the Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen characters in Funny People. The movie was bloated, but that main storyline worked for me.


Hey, Billy, see NINE, even though it's no CHICAGO. Two of your favorite singers (me and Margaret; we are, right??) on the soundtrack and in the credits.
Happy New Year!

Watch Full Movies

ME and husband watched it last night. It was too good. We laughed lot.
Happy New to all of you !

Rachel Hauck

Thank you for this "award" column. I learn so much from you, even if I disagree now and again.

I loved The Proposal and have been wanting to see 500 Days of Summer.

And yes, love Ginnifer Goodwin in He's Just Not That Into You.

The Ugly Truth was the ugliest movie I'd seen in awhile. MY life called wanting those two hours back.

Happy New Year!



I also liked Duplicity. I have a theory on why it didn't do well at the box office, although this theory being correct depends on people thinking like I do, which rarely seems to be the case. Anyway, the ads for Duplicity seemed to show every snarky smirking exchange in the movie between Owen and Roberts, and before seeing it I had the feeling it might be a movie with someone's idea of clever dialog and not a lot of substance, no real feeling between the characters. I went anyway and it was nothing like the trailers, thank god. wonder how many people might have been put off by those promos for the movie.

I liked Adventureland too, I think it got a boost from Stewart in a supporting role, she was quite good.


Always one of my favourite posts of the year on this blog. Up in the Air is not out yet here. I agree with the nods to The Proposal (way to go Betty White!) and It's Complicated, but where is "Last Chance Harvey"? I loved loved loved that one, Harvey and The Proposal are my favourite romcoms of 2009.


Christina: Yep, the FUNNY bromance was quite good. I was Asta-ing on "total bromantic movie," though, and FUNNY is three movies in one.

Binnie: Of course I'm in the NINE line - if you remember, me and Maury Yeston used to be like This (now we're like That) - so I'm way looking forward to it and to hearing them favorite singers. Happy New Year to you!

Watch Full Movies: I think you comment is spam. But I love idea of laugh lot.

Happy New Year, Rachel - Glad we're seeing eye to eye on some things!

Patrick: Interesting. It may well be that the trailer put people off. I also think that the whole vibe of the thing - sleek, glossy, corporate espionage - hit a particularly wrong chord when the economy was seriously tanking. And yeah, Stewart was good in ADVENTURELAND; fie on those who diss her due to TWILIGHT overkill.

Girl in Cafe: HARVEY was a 2008 release (at least here in the states)! Hence the omission. PROPOSAL did have its fun bits, didn't it?


I definitely agree. Ryan Reynolds took awhile to warm up on me as well, but now I really like him as an actor, and especially in the romantic comedy role. I also really liked Ginnifer Goodwin, who you mentioned for "He's Just not that Into You." I never saw "I Love You Man." I'll need to check that one out per your recommendation.

The Proposal

Thank you for this column. I learn lot from this column. I have seen the " The Proposal" movie last night and really liked it very much. Thank you for sharing information !!

best romance movies

I recently saw Meryl Streep in "It's Complicated"- and as usual Meryl delivered. She is the only actress in Hollywood that can completely disappear in her character. Just compare her character in "It's Complicated" in the one in "The Devil Wears Prada"... see what I mean...

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