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Sam Wasson

I second that emotion! To have Splurch up there next to Zuckoff's book (which I JUST finished today and loved), and to be on one of my favorite blogs no less, well, that's just about as cool as a Sunday can get. Thanks, Mernitman! I'm glad you enjoyed. And you make a damn good point about Edwards and Altman. "His unevenness, in contrast to Altman's, stems from his willingness to sell out..." A really fascinating comparison.

Christian H

Wow, how timely. I'm beginning my journey into visual vocabulary now. I love that 3D gives you lots more ways of expressing things through motion.

The guys way back had it hard. They couldn't just have someone easily draw out backgrounds, etc or fly a helicopter over the location.

I don't notice a lot of vocabulary in movies nowadays, except of course from the Camerons and Scorseses. Most directors just do shot\reverse shot and think montage always has music.


Sammy: You are welcome, sir.

Christian: Altman's extended takes alone would be a great study - his visual vocabulary was complex.

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